What’s a fat ball? We explain this bizarre new food trend

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar - Peppermint Bliss Balls recipe by Lillian Dikmans

The latest trend to hit the wellness world are fat balls. What the?!

While a fat ball look exactly like a bliss ball, this is where the similarities end! These bite-sized snacks are often brimming with ingredients like coconut oil, butter and nut butter, stacks of dried fruit, MCT oil (which is used in bulletproof coffee) and collagen oil.

Don’t get us wrong – we love healthy fats and have always championed the consumption of nourishing fats! But, people are now chowing down on fat balls instead of a regular meal! Would you like some avo toast for brekkie? No thanks, I’m having a fat ball.

In our opinion, this is taking meal replacements to the extreme. While enjoying a bliss ball every now and then as a snack is great, we wouldn’t dream of eating them instead of lunch. Not only are you missing out on the joy that comes from noshing on a nutrient-dense dish, but these little balls create a pretty unbalanced meal.

The question of satisfaction also comes into play here. How satisfied can you actually feel after eating a fat ball for lunch, instead of a nourishing, veggie-packed dish? If you’re not satisfied after eating your meal, this could lead to increased snacking and more cravings. And, that ain’t good!

Instead of heading down the fat ball route, let’s celebrate the humble bliss ball instead. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a bliss ball when the afternoon cravings strike So, to make your life even easier, simply grab a packet of our Cacao & Chia protein ball mix and you’ll be munching in no time!

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