What’s worse – going to bed hungry or snacking late at night?

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar - What’s worse – going to bed hungry or snacking late at night?

You’ve had a huge day at work and you arrive home late, starving…

But, it’s bedtime. Should you ignore the hunger and hit the hay or grab a quick snack before bed? We’ve all been in this position before, but which decision is worse for your health?

Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but there’s no real hard and fast rule when it comes to this quandary!

Our in-house dietitian, Chelsea, recommends listening to your body’s cues…

“Unfortunately there’s no golden rule as to whether you should go to bed hungry or have a late night bite. It all comes down to why you are hungry and how hungry you really are.”

“If you haven’t eaten dinner and you’re genuinely starving, it’s a good idea to have something small and satisfying like a glass of milk, yoghurt or an egg on toast. Going for something small and light is best as it won’t take too long to digest and disrupt your sleep. However, if you’re looking to eat food for another reason – potentially emotional or boredom eating – tucking yourself into bed could be the best solution for you. If this scenario sounds familiar, have cup of herbal tea to help you nod off.”

So, if you’ve been chilling at home and your hunger is merely due to boredom, then we wouldn’t suggest snacking…

But, if your stomach is screaming out for food, don’t deprive it! If the hunger is real, feel free to gnaw on something light. Just don’t sit down to a full three-course meal right before you nod off as sleeping on a full stomach can cause acid reflux and digestive issues. Food for thought?

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