Wine? Why not!

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - Wine? Why not!

Are you counting down to wine time?

While you might be hanging out for a bevvy, make sure you reach for the right kind of wine, because some can push you WAY over your recommended sugar intake.  

First things first, how much sugar is in my wine?

The sugar in wine comes from the grapes, however during the fermentation process the fructose is turned into alcohol. The small amount of sugar left over is called “residual sugar” and on average, dry wines (both red and white) contain less than 1g of residual sugar per litre. As red wine also contains a bunch of antioxidant benefits however, it remains our wine of choice!

What kind of wines are a-okay?

Red wine: We love a good red wine and on the 8-Week Program a glass with dinner is fine by us!

Dry white wine: Dry whites are still okay, but as red wines have slightly less fructose than white varieties (plus the added health benefits), we’d still opt red first. Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc are safe bets when picking a dry white wine.

Champagne and sparkling: These wines are fermented for a shorter amount of time, leaving a lot of the sugar behind. This results in a much higher sugar content overall so we’d leave them on the shelf.

Dessert wine: Dessert wines are similar to Champagne and sparkling wines, but worse… think stacks of fructose left unfermented. Definitely a no-go for us!

Wine’s not your thing? Beer and spirits are allowed on the 8-Week Program too!

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