Why we WON’T be doing a juice cleanse this spring

By Ashley Cameron |

I Quit Sugar: Green Goddess Smoothie recipe

For those of us Down Under, spring has finally sprung and in case you hadn’t noticed, juice cleanses are everywhere.

But, before you get lured in by lofty health claims made by the latest detox juice cleanse, here are a few reasons why we suggest you toss that juice and get stuck into smoothies instead.

Juices vs. Smoothies…

Unlike juices, smoothies puree whole vegetables and fruit to create a thick, satiating drink. Juices, on the other hand, extract the juice from fruit and veg, ditching the pulp (AKA, the fibre) altogether.

Why we love smoothies?

  • They’re super satisfying! As smoothies contain all the pulp and fibre from the veggies and fruit you blitz, you’ll feel fuller for longer.
  • You can add fat! We’re not sure if you’ve ever tried to juice an avocado but put simply, it doesn’t work. When you make a smoothie however, you can pop in a quarter of an avocado, a spoon of coconut oil or some chia seeds to aid in the absorption of the essential vitamins found in those leafy greens. The fat content also makes your smoothie a complete meal, perfect for when you’re on the go.
  • They save on waste! We’re all about zero waste at IQS and nothing grinds our gears more than perfectly good veggie ends, stalks and skins being tossed into the bin. When you make a smoothie, these nutrient-dense bits and bobs are all invited to the party.
  • They’re kinder to your liver! We’ve spoken about this before, but when you drink juice (even those containing veggies), without the fibre to help slow down absorption, the excess sugar is dumped on your liver, causing it to go into overdrive. Not really what you want when you’re trying to “detox” the body…

Keen to give smoothies a whirl? Try our tasty Green Goddess Smoothie!

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