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Let’s cut the crap. When you’re time poor you make poor choices. If you had time to read all the small print on that ‘healthy’ snack you probably wouldn’t feel too good about it. At Chief Nutrition, they deeply care about what we put in and what you get out of it. They're uncompromising on taste, health and sustainably sourced ingredients.

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Try the full range and save! Their starter pack contains 6x sweet and 6x savoury snack options the whole family can enjoy.

4 quick fire reasons why you need Chief:

✔️ Great macros (high protein, high fibre, low carb and low sugar) AND clean ingredients (no sugar alcohols or artificial thickeners and fillers). 

✔️ Taste the difference with organic, grass-fed, grass-finished, regeneratively farmed Aussie beef.

✔️ No added Sugar, just 1g per bar - they are all IQS approved!

✔️ Over 2,000 Five Star Reviews!

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3 killer tools you’ll get with this cookbook:

✔️ Over 15 quick, easy and delicious mid-week recipes including snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and smoothies.

✔️ A guide for reading food labels and finding hidden nasties!

✔️ Tip & tricks to use at dinner time

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