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Read what our members have to say about the 8 Week Program.


I did the 8 Week Program back in 2015 after suffering with a fractured spine, compressed sciatic nerve roots, torn tendons and chronic nerve damage. I not only felt better within myself, but I had next to no pain. I then conceived my youngest first try, where as it took me 6 months with my eldest.


The 8 Week Program works wonders - I used it and kicked bad sugar habits. I now enjoy cycling, being outdoors and enjoying the great lanes of the countryside.


6 years ago someone recommended me the 8WP book and it changed my health (body and mind) forever!

I borrowed the first book when I was living in Austria and absolutely LOVED it. It was the first time I could actually get rid of the food anxiety I used to have. I loved the way every step of the journey was well explained and the recipes helped me to eat healthier.

When I fall again on my food anxiety, I just start the 8WP again. It helps me to cope with my anxiety disorder, my skin problems and restore the balance in my body. Many friends did the program, so did my husband, I would recommend it to every single one!

Eternally grateful 🤍🙏🏽


Corny as it sounds the IQS 8WP really is life changing! I learned so much about sugar, how my body responds to it, my addiction to it, why I constantly felt unsatisfied, hungry and tired! I loved that the program unpacked so much knowledge that you can’t unlearn, week but week in easy to digest & manageable amounts. It really does teach you skills for life to help foster a healthier relationship with food.


I've always struggled with stomach issues and have been told for years it's just IBS. Enough was enough, and after being quite poorly I went to see a Kinesiologist who over the next few years worked with me to fix my gut health. I then came across the IQS 8WP by choice and now I recommend it to all! I write in more recipes when I see them, and I simply love that I can come back to get inspiration all the time.

Amanda Beck

Going off of sugar is one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I have done for myself! I really believe going though the 8WP was what finally made me successful AND broke the addiction for me. I also looked at it as an opportunity to know who I was without sugar, so I went into it this time very spiritually and with great intention.

Ever since going off sugar, I have felt completely different in my body. I mean MAJOR shifts. I no longer get the shaky/lightheaded feeling after a couple of hours of not eating (from those blood sugar spikes!) I no longer get acid reflux, and I hardly feel heavy after eating. Perhaps most notably, it has completely transformed my anxiety. Like a whole layer lifted off of me. I’ve found myself under the tons of sugar, and she feels great!!

Amy Marie

I have completed the 8WP and I'm so pleased I did! The book is great, easy to follow and full of great ideas, hints and tips! It's now a way of life.

I lost 9lbs and everyone I see comments on how I look better. My skin has improved and more importantly I don't feel hungry anymore or in desperate need of sweets! I also don't get sugar headache cravings, which I would get frequently in the past.

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