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I Quit Sugar Tick

The I Quit Sugar Tick is a readily identifiable red stamp displayed on a variety of supermarket products that assist Australians seeking an ethical, sustainable and low-sugar lifestyle.

We don’t just work with any brands. Our partners must share the same values and principles that we do. 

Just like I Quit Sugar, they are trying to make a difference, producing local, ethical, sustainable, natural, sugar-free food and drink. In their products and ethos they demonstrate ethical, sustainable and environmentally aware principles; be natural and organic where required; be aligned to our healthy living, JERF and low-fructose philosophies; and – most importantly – offer value to our community of over 1.4m.

All food products must:

✔️ Contain less than 1.5 teaspoons of sugar per serve and contain no artificial colours, preservatives or MSG.

✔️ Contain approved and recommended sugar substitutes: natural fruit, rice malt syrup, stevia, monkfruit OR accepted sugar substitutes (if less than 1.5tsp of sugar per serve): honey, maple syrup, molasses, dates, erythritol, xylitol, maltose, coconut sugar, raw, brown or white sugar.

Products also demonstrate:

✔️ Sustainable or reusable packaging 

✔️ Ethical production practices 

✔️ Minimal processing for food-related products

Our Partners

Want to Join?

Are you a brand owner looking to get the I Quit Sugar Recommends Tick for your products, or a consumer who wants to know more about what the IQS Recommends Tick means? If so, please email us on or through the contact form.

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