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Our Track Record

"This has changed my life!!

The 8 Week Program was the best thing I have done for myself and my health. The recipes, the research, the accountability. It was great!

My clothes fit better, I am more confident, less anxious and feel great!"


Liz Gadvi

"My energy is through the roof, my skin is glowing and my friends want to know what my secret is! No more 3pm slump, I can go all day! Also, my period is actually enjoyable - can I say that?

Did I mention my PMS symptoms have also gone?!"


Jess Young

"Loved the recipes - as did my family. They had so many options for dietary requirements too.

The program is really comprehensive and I feel like I have reclaimed my health. Thank you I Quit Sugar!"


Kate Williams


Just Eat Real Food - our motto

The I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program is all about embracing achievable goals and cultivating nourishing habits. We focus on crowding out sugar with delicious, nutrient-dense foods. It's a journey of progress, not perfection, where every step forward counts towards a healthier, happier you.


In 8 weeks, we take you from sugar overload to glowing with boundless energy and inner radiance 

Expert Guidance

Unlock the secrets to optimal health and vitality by understanding the science behind it all. Lead by our seasons health professionals to set you up for success.

Effortless Cooking

Whip up nutritious meals effortlessly, minimising waste and maximising flavour. With 1000's of recipes the whole family will enjoy - suitable for any allergies and intolerances.

Master Your Knowledge

Discover why conquering sugar is crucial for vitality, from curbing cravings to enhancing all health markers.

Real Results

Image of a group of people with arms on each other's shoulders

“I Didn’t Want to Die”: How Georgia Lost 37 Kilos on the 8 Week Program

“I wanted to get healthy and to lose weight. I was really worried when Dad had a heart attack and was in hospital,” she says. “He was only 52. I didn’t want Dad to die and I didn’t want to die.”

Inspired by the I Quit Sugar ethos, Georgia embarked on a journey with the 8-Week Program to overhaul her diet and reclaim her health. With I Quit Sugar, it IS possible, and you don’t have to do it alone.


Image of hands holding a small plant in soil

"I Haven't Had a Migraine Since I Quit Sugar": How the 8 Week Program Healed this Aussie's Chronic Pain

While Jess saw improvements in her IBS symptoms and bid farewell to her chronic migraines, the most profound change was in her mindset. No longer a slave to sugar's allure, she experienced a sense of liberation—a freedom from guilt and shame around food.

Jess's husband, a chef, was equally impressed by the Program's recipes. Our dishes not only met his high expectations buds but also sparked a newfound appreciation for wholesome, nourishing meals.

"He really liked the carrot and kale fritters and the winter Caesar salad (he said he would put both on a menu in a restaurant)."

Image of people donating food to a charity

Rosie’s Unexpected Success Story on the 8-Week Program: “I Quit Sugar to Lose Weight Before my Wedding, But Never Expected it Would Help My Arthritis”

"I learnt so many new things on the Program," Rosie reflects. "We know so much more about sugar now."

More importantly, Rosie experienced remarkable improvements in her health. She was able to reduce her rheumatoid arthritis medication, and her flare-ups became rare occurrences. John's skin cleared up, and Rosie noticed improvements in her nails and skin texture.

Sweet Success Stories

8 weeks is long enough to see extraordinary results!

“Quitting Sugar Has Made Me a Better Role Model for My Kids”: How the 8-Week Program Transformed Sabine’s Family

In a world filled with sugar-laden snacks and sweet temptations, Sabine found herself – and her kids – caught in a cycle of cravings and dependency. As a single mother of two young children, her days revolved around sugar, leaving little room for healthier habits or mindful eating. But everything changed when she discovered the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program.

“I found the whole process ridiculously easy. Easier in fact than leaving me to shuffle through recipes at 5pm wondering what the heck I could whip up.

"The forum was an absolute godsend! I threw questions on that puppy every second day almost. Having a bunch of experts at your beck and call doesn’t happen often, and I was like a pig in sugar-free mud." 

While the mum of two says her young children may not have fully grasped the concept of quitting sugar, Alice found creative ways to encourage healthier eating habits. Involving them in meal prep, celebrating the inclusion of vegetables, and offering choices proved to be effective strategies in fostering a positive relationship with food.

“We Both Lost 5 Kilos!”: How Connor and Hollie Went From Quitting Sugar for the Wedding to the Joys of Parenthood

How Kelly Broke Free from the 1200 Calorie Trap with the 8-Week Program

Connor vividly recalls the initial challenges—withdrawals, headaches, lethargy and even sugar-induced dreams. However, the three-week mark brought a surge of energy and a newfound appreciation for healthy foods.

“I even had crazy sugar dreams about custard and profiteroles,” Connor says - and, well, haven't we all! “But, as soon as we hit the three-week mark, we felt energised and began craving healthy foods.”

“After resetting my body as well as my mind, I’ve said goodbye to my anxiety,” she says. “I used to have severe exercise anxiety and mild general anxiety – just the thought of raising my heart rate and sweating would panic me. But now, I’m able to do four CrossFit sessions a week and I love pushing myself further each session. I’ve also lost about five kilos and kept it off.”

Post-program, Kelly reintroduced small treats into her diet, mindful of the impact on her mood. Opting for alternatives like rice malt syrup, and incorporating sugar-free snacks, she struck a balance that allowed her to maintain her weight loss.

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