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Over 2 Million People Have Quit So Far


We want to help folk live a low-sugar life through common-sense solutions. No rules, no hard to follow meal plans, no restrictive eating. 

Our #1 mantra is JUST EAT REAL FOOD or JERF; we want to get Australia cooking. When you cook, you cut out the processed crap and eliminate sugar naturally. 

We don’t calorie count – not all calories are created equal – we believe in eating nutrient dense food, always. Which brings us to…

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Quitting sugar is not a diet.

I Quit Sugar isn’t a diet, it’s a daily gentle experiment with food and seeing what makes us feel good, and what doesn’t. 

It’s not about crazy draconian rules and restrictive one-off weight-loss stunts. 

Indeed, it can be distilled into two supremely sensible concepts we all just get, intuitively:

Quitting sugar is a way of living without processed foods.

When you steer yourself away from sugar, it – by necessity – cuts out pretty much everything that comes in a packet or box. When people baulk at going no-sugar, we calmly point out that it’s simply don’t eat crap. 

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Quitting sugar is about eating like our great-grandparents did. Before the crap.

This – again by necessity – sees us eating whole, un-mucked-with foods that were commonplace

before the advent of modern metabolic diseases. One hundred years ago we ate 1kg sugar a year, now we eat 60kg a year. One hundred years ago we ate eggs for breakfast, meat at lunch, vegetables prepared simply, fruit as a treat and drank our milk whole. One hundred years ago type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cholesterol issues were rare if not non-existent.

So I hear you ask...

If you’re keen to quit sugar and start enjoying fruit the way nature intended, register your interest now for our next 8-Week Program. It’s a gentle, healthy experiment complete with delicious recipes and expert guidance. 

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