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 What you get with this eBook:

This is a digital product available for instant download. You'll receive a PDF with everything needed to make delicious and nutritious meals.

✔️ Over 15 quick and easy recipes from breakfast to dinner

✔️ What to look for when sourcing meat and seafood

✔️ 7 delicious and quick mid-week dinners

✔️ Cooking guides packed with tips on how to cook and prep the perfect meal

I Quit Sugar & Chief Nutrition

At I Quit Sugar, we take pride in crafting a cookbook that embodies three fundamental tenets: Simplicity, Taste, and Nutrition. These principles are the cornerstone of our culinary philosophy, guiding every recipe we create. Our mission is to offer a collection of delectable dishes that not only delight the palate but also celebrate the essence of real, whole, and nutritious food.

That’s why we were thrilled to partner up with Chief. with our shared vision and values. As an ethical and sustainable snack food company they are passionate about helping you pioneer a healthy, environmentally-friendly lifestyle.  Their promise of quality makes them our go-to for your family snacks. 

Together we've created a FREE cookbook to help guide you through easy and delicious meals that are not only nutritious but are low in sugar and high in taste.

3 quick fire reasons why we need to select Chief:

✔️ Premium Ingredients for Unbeatable Flavour:Quality is non-negotiable at Chief Nutrition. Only the finest 100% grass-fed Australian beef is sourced, paired with top-notch, fresh ingredients to create jerky and biltong bars bursting with flavour. Whether craving the bold spices of traditional beef jerky or the rich, savoury taste of biltong, every bite delivers. 

✔️ Proudly Australian-Made:Chief takes pride in their roots as an Australian-owned and operated business. From sourcing locally-sourced ingredients to supporting Aussie farmers, the commitment to contributing to the local economy and community is unwavering. 

✔️ Grass-Fed Beef for Optimal Nutrition:With Chief Bars, trust that you’re fuelling your body with the best. Made from 100% Aussie grass-fed beef, these bars are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients. High-quality protein, healthy fats, and minimal additives or preservatives make Chief’s Biltong Bars a nutritious and satisfying snack option for anyone looking to refuel on the go.  Healthier Diet: Resulting in purer and more natural flavours and a stronger nutritional profile with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. 

3 killer tools you’ll get with this cookbook:

✔️ A guide to reading food labels so you can avoid the nasties

✔️ Over 15 delicious and delectable meals from breakfast to dinner, snacks & smoothies

✔️ Dinner time tips to make your life simpler

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