The Veggie Cookbook

For the first time ever, we’ve created an eBook dedicated entirely to our love for vegetables! 

Plant-based food is no longer seen as something reserved just for health nuts.  In fact, more of us are choosing to load our plates up with veggies over animal protein and we’re undoubtedly feeling the health benefits for it!



Dig into delicious chapters which include:

  • Breakfast Beyond Haloumi
  • Clever Cook-ups
  • Midweek Timesavers
  • Street Food to Table
  • Veggie Special Occasions

You won’t find any bland, beige or boring vegetarian fare here.  We’re going to bust those myths surrounding vegetarian diets and prove that they are super satisfying, packed with protein and most of all bursting with flavour!

We’ve got 32 BRAND NEW recipes for you to try, as well as tips on clever veggie swaps for every season and a super friendly guide on how to build a complete protein. 

Oh one more thing, we’ve also made sure that every single dish can also be made vegan… you’re welcome!