The Lunchbox Book

The midday meal is a great opportunity to ensure you get a big nutritious hit in the middle of the day. We’re constantly asked how you should go about doing this if you’re a desk worker, shift worker, a parent packing kids lunch or anything in between. So we’ve shared with you all of our ingenious ideas for toting, heating, dressing and adding pizazz to boring lunches.

This eBook is a ‘best of lunch’ compilation from Sarah’s previous print-only books (Simplicious and I Quit Sugar for Life) in one handy eBook.



Dig into:

  • 50 sugar-free or low-sugar recipes for lunchboxes.
  • Totable lunches that can be assembled at home (several at a time, days in advance!).
  • Practical tips for office workers.
  • A whole chapter of little snack things.
  • Nourishing soups that can be divided into one-serve portions and frozen for weeks to come.
  • Dead simple ideas for kids’ lunches.