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The Dude Approved eBook

Get ready for dude food at its best, packed with 35 recipes you’re going to love! Full of clever hacks, one-pan wonders, delicious alternatives to your local takeaway plus show-stopping recipes for the perfect date night, this is one cookbook you definitely need to add to your collection.

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For the first time EVER, we've created an eBook dedicated to satisfying the biggest of appetites, celebrating the dishes that will keep even the hungriest of blokes, happy, healthy and satisfied. We're busting the myth that sugar-free means eating less, going hungry and saying goodbye to flavour. Every dish is packed perfectly with wholesome veggies, delicious protein and satiating healthy fats.

Dig into:

  • Blokes Bites
  • Lad's Leftovers
  • One-Pan Wonders
  • BBQ Food
  • Beer Essentials

All recipes are super simple to make, so no matter your cooking ability you can master the art of healthy dude food in a flash! Not only are these sugar-free recipes set to improve your health, but they'll impress your friends and family, and are sure to become household favourites!
*This eBook contains mostly brand new quirky and absolutely delicious dude approved recipes, plus a few favourites from our previous print only books.

I Quit Sugar Recipes Sticky Ribs
I Quit Sugar Recipes Black Pepper Noodles
I Quit Sugar Recipes Jamaican Fish

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