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Community Stories

Michal was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 57 years of age – but it was through her own advocation that she got her life-saving treatment. Here’s how her life turned upside down in a matter of days, how she responded and what she wants all of us to know about cancer. 

65-year-old Wendy Carson has lived with sleep apnoea since she was 37 – she shares her journey to find answers, along with dismissive attitudes towards the potentially deadly condition. Here’s what she wants you to know about sleep apnoea.

After going from battling a neurological disorder and dealing with intergenerational obesity to shedding 37kg through the 8-Week Program, Georgia shows that it is possible to take your health back into your own hands – even when the odds are against you. 

Struggling with depression for much of his life, Simon found solace and strength in the 8-Week Program after losing his girlfriend to suicide. Here’s how he reclaimed his mental health through nourishing habits and newfound kitchen confidence.

Like many of us, Jess was raised to believe there were "good" and "bad" foods, but this Aussie had no idea that fat-rich, hearty meals weren't the enemy she was told they were. In fact, she credits the 8-Week Program's whole foods-based recipes for helping her combat her debilitating IBS symptoms and chronic migraines. 

Working mum Jessica Poolman relied on sugar in times of stress, only to find her anxiety and waistline expanding. After joining the 8-Week Program she found a new way to manage her mental health - and it all starts with eating real, satisfying food.

Rosie started the 8-Week Program with a humble goal of losing a few kilos – what she didn’t bargain for was the lifestyle transformation that came with it. Now 20 kilos lighter and enjoying relief from her arthritis symptoms, here’s what she wants those on the fence to know.

Holly has long struggled with fluctuating weight and sugar addiction, but when she and her mum decided to join the 8-Week Program, everything changed. Here’s how the Aussie went from yo-yo dieting to feeling good – inside and out.

In a world filled with sugar-laden snacks and sweet temptations, Sabine found herself – and her kids – caught in a cycle of cravings and dependency. As a single mother of two young children, her days revolved around sugar, leaving little room for healthier habits or mindful eating. But everything changed when she discovered the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program.

Mum of two Alice joined the 8-Week Program with the simple goal of taming her sugar addiction – but when she came out on the other end, she was surprised at the unexpected transformation she and her whole family had undergone. Here’s how the Aussie went from stressed and time-strapped to organised and energetic. 

Ready to get the whole family out of a sugar-addicted slump? That’s just what Angela did when she joined the 8-Week Program after having her fifth child and deciding that enough was enough – she was ready to let go of unhealthy habits and set her kids up for a healthy future.

Aussie mum Antoinette joined the 8-Week Program with the hopes of combatting her sugar addiction and unhealthy lifestyle to set herself and her family up for long-term success. She shares how the program ignited her passion for cooking and helped her little ones get the best start in life. 

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