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The Anti-Anxiety Diet eBook

From Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar books and First, We Make the Beast Beautiful comes this proven 2-week plan for reducing anxiety and beating one of its leading causes—sugar addiction—using 8 simple, sustainable dietary shifts.

Eating more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day? No wonder you’re anxious. Anxiety has a lot do to with lifestyle choices, including what you put in your mouth.

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Sarah Wilson is an expert on sugar addiction and its connection to the most widespread mental health concern—chronic anxiety—affecting millions worldwide today. One in six people in the West alone suffer from an anxiety-related illness.While scientists know that anxiety is a chemical imbalance in the brain, recent studies have linked this condition to sugar consumption and inflammation in the gut.

In The Anti-Anxiety Diet, Wilson unravels the cutting-edge science linking sugar addiction, inflammation, and gut health to mental health. “If you have fire in the gut,” Sarah advises, “you have fire in the brain.” And sugar is the primary culprit.

The Anti-Anxiety Diet is her simple, 2-week jumpstart plan for eliminating sugar from your diet. Packed with delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, 4-color photos, and detailed meal plans, it shows you how to replace the bad stuff (sugar) with the good stuff (whole, unprocessed foods), to soothe—and ultimately help tame—the anxious beast.

“Wilson’s anti-anxiety diet isn’t based on counting calories or macronutrients, nor is its goal to aid in weight loss (though that may be a happy side effect for folks currently eating the “standard American diet”). Rather, the diet follows eight simple rules… Research does confirm, though, that there may be anxiety-reducing and gut-health benefits to each of the rules in her program.” – Shape Magazine

I Quit Sugar Anti Anxiety Diet
I Quit Sugar Recipes Anti Anxiety Diet
I Quit Sugar Recipes Anti Anxiety Diet Nourishing Soup

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