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The 5-Day Immune Support Reboot Meal Plan has been created to ensure:

✔️ The Meal Plans are in line with Australian Dietary Guidelines

✔️ Each day you’ll consume 8-10 serves of vegetables!!

✔️ We’ve ensured good-quality protein and fats in every meal. This combination is like putting a log on your metabolic fire, it satiates and stops you snacking and craving sugar.

✔️ This Meal Plan serves one person over the week. If you are cooking for more, double, or triple the recipes as needed.

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5 key benefits to the 5-Day Immune Support Reboot Meal Plan:

✔️ 5 days makes it quick and easy to follow.

✔️ Buy now, start now – no waiting around, get straight into rebooting your health.

✔️ Pushes that reset button your body often craves.

✔️ Gives your body a boost of anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial from natural ingredients.

✔️ Designed to be meal prepped and can be stored frozen, so you can keep it on hand when a cold or flu stricks.

5 killer tools you’ll get when on the 5-Day Immune Support Reboot Meal Plan:

✔️ A starter kit that will get you off to the best start possible.

✔️ A nutritionally dense Meal Plan that will keep you full up.

✔️ A Sunday cook-up + recipes that are fast and simple to prepare.

✔️ A complete shopping list to help navigate you through the supermarket.

✔️ Helpful guides to help you along your 5 day journey.

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