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The chapters:

  1. Simply Greens
  2. Lush Smoothie Bowls
  3. Show Stoppers
  4. Sweet ‘n’ Green

Loaded with 35 nutritious green smoothies to help you cleanses the body, reduce bloating, shed those extra kilos and kick start your day, whether you’re a smoothie aficionado or a total novice this book covers all the bases. With personal tips from Sarah Wilson as well as contributions from smoothie fanatics and wellness authors (like Joe Cross, Tess Masters and Lauren Slayton) this book will be an investment in your health and wellbeing.

What Sarah says:

“I’m a huge green smoothie fan. They’re a really effective way to get dense nutrition into our bodies, and when you’re trying to eat 6-7 cups of veggies every day, drinking an I Quit Sugar smoothie ensures you get 2-3 serves of the good stuff in a single hit. I make my own with ease and tote them daily in old jars and reusable canisters.”

What others say:

“I love the Clean n’ Green smoothies ebook – its got loads of fresh and most importantly tasty ideas, they’re so good i’ve even turned my housemate into a green smoothie nerd!” Lola Berry (nutritionist)

“I’m absolutely loving the Green smoothie recipe ideas in the I Quit Sugar Green Smoothie ebook! For the past year, I’ve been having a green smoothie almost every day but the combinations of different, fresh, healthy ingredients in the ebook have added so much variety and many new flavour combos to my morning smoothie! Such a healthy, nutritious start to the day! :)” Rebecca Gawthorne (nutritionist and dietician).

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