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No Ugly Gut Review

Trial Team Tested & Approved.

No Ugly is renowned for creating a natural range of truly functional beverages with proven health claims, all substantiated by the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand. This time they put their reputation on the line with our members.

Recently 17 of our members were given No Ugly Gut to try for 21 nights to see if they could improve their gut health. They were asked to just add in 1 drink a day to their routine.

The claims: No Ugly Gut is formulated with scientifically selected ingredients designed to help bloating, farting, bad breath and diarrhoea; packed with 2 billion probiotic CFUs, plus polyphenols and chicory root and lots of other good stuff. What to know more, read all about them here.

No Ugly Gut comes in 250mL you can shop it direct online at from in the Health Aisle at Woolies in over 700 stores nationwide.


    A massive 94.74% of participants reported improvements in their gut health when compared to their original assessment.





    No Ugly

    The gut, often referred to as the "second brain," plays a critical role in overall health beyond just digestion – it’s why when things are out of whack, we can end up with various unexpected conditions that might not immediately seem connected. 

    The gut influences every facet of our lives, from our mental state to cognitive wellbeing, sleep hygiene and whole-body health. Your gut is the secret to a long, healthy life, that's why doing everything you can to support it is key to your health.

    Why we love the No Ugly range: You’ve heard about the dangers of soft drinks to your brain, your heart and your waistline. No Ugly is bucking the trend creating a functional sparkling drink alternative that not only tastes good but is good for you. Here at IQS we love No Ugly's range of tasty drinks that will help your body repair, restore and rest!

    YOU SAY 
    “It tasted delicious and helped me remove bloating and gut pain. Of course I will continue to use this product with a result like that!”
    "Well before I had nearly daily problems with bloating, sometimes it was just constant bloating! I started to wonder if that was just my gut, but I knew from how it felt that it had to be bloating. And I was right as it's gone down now."
    “It's worlds apart, I used to have daily issues but now it's rare, just enjoying being able to live my life without being held down by bloating.”

    Want to know more? Read our full report here.



    Here at No Ugly, we believe natural is gorgeous, but if your gut’s natural behaviour includes bloating, farting, bad breath and diarrhoea, you need help. Let’s start with 2 billion probiotic CFUs*. That’s what you get in every serve of No Ugly Gut. Plus polyphenols and chicory root and lots of other good stuff. Say goodbye to ugly gut and hellooooo to gorgeous.

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    250ml Bottle (Case of 12): $49.99 (RRP)

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