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Did you know significant changes in gut health can occur just three days after making a dietary change. And it takes 21 days for a healthy gut to create a new lining!

That's why we've created our NEW 21 Day Gut Rebalance Program!

Over 2 million people have already quit sugar and transformed their lives with I Quit Sugar, and now it's time to help heal your gut with our brand new program!

Learn to use food to heal your body and boost your health!

Are you struggling with:

✔️Gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea

✔️Low immunity

✔️Bad skin or breakouts

✔️Moodiness, irritability and trouble concentrating

✔️Fatigue or insomnia

✔️Sugar cravings

✔️Finding it challenging to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your gut could be the culprit.

That’s where the NEW I Quit Sugar’s 21 Day Gut Health Program comes in, providing the tool kit and support you need to help you heal your gut and

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Over 94% of 8WP Graduates would recommend the Program.

Providing everything you need to heal your gut naturally and boost your health.

The I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program has been praised by past members for its effectiveness and delicious menus.

By signing up for the NEW Gut Rebalance program, you'll get access to:

🍝 21 Days of budget friendly gut friendly meal plans and shopping lists

🥘 Brand NEW exclusive member-only recipes; including delicious at home bone broths, fermenting sugar-free and baking your own sourdoughs

💻 expert content the science behind the gut, how it functions and how to use food for healing

🧘🏻‍♀️ movement and work out plans to help you detox and refocus

😴 full access to our sleep school module with Shea Morrison of The Goodnight Co.


Learn to nourish you

You get 21 Days of easy, delicious meal plans with full shopping lists and at $5.50 or under per serve it couldn't be more affordable to eat healthy.

Each week we’ll give you a range of meals to cook that are quick and easy to prepare, with minimal wastage. You don’t have to be a master chef to enjoy nutritious meals!

Don’t eat meat?

We cater for vegetarians as well as omnivores.


Have a special requirement?

We provide gluten-free, dairy-free and Paleo options on all recipes.


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What previous Program graduates say

Quitting sugar is the easiest way to be well.

Whether it’s weight-loss, reducing medication, or just improving general health and energy, almost everyone who has completed the 8 Week Program has an inspiring experience to share.


With you all the way

Our team of IQS Experts will support you throughout the 8-Week Program, We have a range of health professionals, from nutritionist, to naturopaths and clinical psychologist.

Shea Morrison
Co-Founder of Goodnight Co.
Libby Babet
Former Biggest Loser Trainer & Dance Fit Instructor


10 most frequently asked questions about our 21 Day Program

We know that newbies to IQS have a tonne of questions about our Program. We’ve complied the most asked questions, if you can’t find the answer below please reach out to us at

Vegetarian? Paleo? Gluten free? Dairy free? You’d be well chuffed to know our Meal Plans are designed with flexibility in mind! You’ll have access to an Allergy Substitution Guide as well as helpful ingredient swapping advice. 

Note: While we support our vegan friends wanting to join the sugar-free movement, we cannot guarantee that the recommended daily levels of dietary fat and protein can be met in our vegetarian Meal Plans.

Our 21 Day Program is all about mastering control of your cravings and treating your body with the respect it deserves, not just weight loss. Keep in mind that your body will be going through lots of changes - and since everybody and every body is different, results will vary. That said, when you quit sugar, you quit processed crap and for many people on the 21 Day Program, the happy side-effect of this is weight loss. 

No, we won’t send you out looking for gubinge and chlorella (whatever they are). Most pantry essentials should be available at any well-stocked supermarket or health food store. But if you can’t track down the ingredients you need, or if something is out of season in your part of the world, our Ambassadors are on standby in our live forums, ready to help if you get stuck!

We’ve had people join our Program that travel all the time. A great aspect about our Program is that you get the education you need to navigate and prepare food wherever life takes you. You also have access to everything for two weeks after the Program finishes so you can download what you need for later.

First up, don’t stress or beat yourself up about it! Remember that this is a gentle experiment on yourself. You’ll have support in our community forums from other people going through the same journey as you, as well as our team of experts such as dietitians, GPs, psychologists and life coaches.

For $119.00 AUD you get

Step-by-step weekly instructions

Weekly Meal Plans and, Shopping Lists

Food swap charts,and fact sheets

Interactive forums with IQS Experts, Ambassadors and other participants where you can share and learn from each other

Plus, you benefit from having us follow you each step-by-step of the way, motivating and clarifying and refining.  

We try to keep our menus as seasonal as possible, although they are geared toward the southern hemisphere. As with most things IQS, though, we invite you to experiment with ingredients, and  modify the Program to suit your budget. On average, the Meal Plans cost around $100 AUD per week, however this may vary depending on how well stocked your pantry is already.Apart from the initial sign-up fee, will the rest of the Program be expensive?

Yes, you can because all exclusive content (Starter Kit, Shopping List, Meal Plans, Forums etc) will be provided through the internationally-accessible IQS 8-Week Program website.

Yep! You will have access to a forum with IQS Experts, Ambassadors and other participants. Feel free to use those resources however you need!

Our Meal Plans and Shopping Lists are designed for one person, with most mid-week dinners providing two servings (one for dinner and one for lunch on the following day). However, they can be easily tweaked to cater for everyone, and we can always offer guidance with this via our online Forums.


Spot are limited for the NEW program with BRAND NEW Content, Experts & Recipes!

We’d love to have you join us and start you sugar quitting journey!

SAVE 50% Off; pay only $59.50 (RRP$119) and claim your spot!

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