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No Ugly

The War On Ugly

The world we live in is fierce and ruthlessly competitive and this dog-eat-dog mentality has created a lot of ugly. Global leaders with ugly beliefs, powerful influencers with ugly behaviours, businesses with ugly practices, and some ugly ingredients going into our food. All of which means some ugly results in the way we treat each other, our environment, and our health. But globally we are waking up.

There is no room for ugly in this gorgeous world.

No Ugly Products 

Five years ago, Jo and Aaron, the founders of No Ugly, woke up.

Everything they were doing was lop-sided. And in today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to get that way. With a big family, big jobs, and an enthusiastic lust for life it was too easy to over-do it and get out of whack.

‘Ugly’ had crept in and was starting to affect their sleep, their performance at work, and was limiting the ability to manage stress and moods. But the wellness brands they were turning to were boring, a bit worthy, and didn’t reflect the things they desired in a brand.

So they invented No Ugly. A brand with a higher purpose, a spunky attitude and products that are not only delicious, but have a clear functional benefit – to help you get back to gorgeous in no time.

No Ugly is created in New Zealand, by a small, determined & innovative team who’s mission is to eradicate ugly. 

Why IQS Love No Ugly

You’ve heard about the dangers of soft drinks to your brain, your heart and your waistline. No Ugly is bucking the trend creating a functional sparkling drink alternative that not only tastes good but is good for you. Here at IQS we love No Ugly's range of tasty drinks that will help your body repair, restore and rest!

Plus, they are proven.

IQS Community Reviewed Gut and rated it 5 out of 5 stars! Read the full review here.

IQS Community Reviewed Sleep and rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars! Read the full review here.

No Ugly Ingredients 

Gorgeous in, means gorgeous out. That’s why we carefully formulate all our products to ensure they contain only the most gorgeous ingredients.

  • Low Sugar
  • Non GMO
  • Allergen Free*
  • Vegan**

*No Ugly Skin contains fish. **No Ugly Detox, Focus and Hydrate are vegan suitable. ***No Ugly Libido and No Ugly Calm contains milk.

Our products include:

  • Calm; Like a cuddle from your mum - NEW
  • Focus; Focus in, attention out
  • Immunity; Immunity in, health out
  • Detox; Gorgeous in, ugly out
  • Gut; Probiotics in, gut health out
  • Hydrate; Hydration in, performance out
  • Libido; Libido in, fireworks out
  • Skin; Collagen in, gorgeous out
  • Sleep; Sleep in, zzzzz out

IQS Community Reviewed Sleep and rated it 4.9 stars! Read the full review here.

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    Your head is spinning, your brain is about to explode and a colony of butterflies has permanently taken up residence in your stomach - you might want to give No Ugly Calm a go. Packed with ingredients to help you feel zen and get your mind back in the game.

    Available in: Case of 12

    RRP: $49.99

    Scientifically formulated to get you from malaise to mint.

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    No Ugly is so crammed with scientifically proven gorgeousness there’s no room for Ugly’s ugly old arse. Stuff like Enzogenol® a New Zealand pine bark extract which just so happens to be one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Plus a whole bunch of other good stuff like vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. And of course our products are low sugar, allergen free^, non GMO, vegan^ and made in gorgeous old New Zealand.


    ^Exceptions: No Ugly Skin contains fish. No Ugly Immunity contains mānuka honey. No Ugly Sleep contains Vitamin D3 from lanolin. No Ugly Gut contains a flavour derived using whey ethanol.

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