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The chapters:

  • All of the Basics
  • Sunday Cook-Ups
  • Lovely Leftovers
  • Meals for Kids
  • Mid-week Meals
  • Friday Night Fun Food
  • After Dinner Treats

Wave bye-bye to slaving away in the kitchen for hours on end. Our affordable recipes will give you the ultimate bang for your nutritional buck while also keeping those hard to please eaters happy. Oh, did we mention all recipes cost $5 or less per serve? Yup, you read that right. If you're looking for a way to cut costs, time and still be able to provide your loved one's nutritionally-dense and sugar-free meals...this is the cookbook for you.

What Sarah says:

"Honestly, cooking shouldn't be fancy and expensive. It should have maximum flavour and flow... Mum didn't cook fancy nor expensive food. It was all about economy - of flavour, time and dollars. She'd use budget cuts of meat, make everything in the one big old cast-iron pot, bulk things out with starchy veggies and ensure we had three serves of greens with every meal. These principles, in many ways, guide this book."

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