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Dig into:

  • 19 of our favourite sugar-free baking recipes.
  • Kid friendly! We’ve made sure to include some fun recipes suitable for kids parties or weekend projects. We teach you clever tricks along the way, like using spinach and raspberries for food colouring in the Pull Apart Caterpillar Birthday Cake uses
  • Fun Weekend Projects! We teach you neat tricks throughout the book, like making The Best sugar-free icing from scratch and how to make your own natural food dye from raspberries and spinach.  
  • So nutritious, our recipes could be eaten for breakfast. Well, we do recommend treating desserts, as just that, desserts. But our recipes contain less sugar and more vegetables per serve than most store-bought cereals!
  • We tick off Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo, Keto and Vegan recipes in this book. Just follow the coloured dinkus’ on each recipe.


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