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Unprocessed Podcast

Are you looking for a way to get healthy and take control of your wellbeing?

Take a deep dive into the realm of health and wellness with our hosts Peta Shulman, the founder of Goodness Me, and J-J Yung from I Quit Sugar. As they bring you an eight-episode podcast series that will inspire you to take control of your health and make the most of your life.

On this podcast, we'll explore different aspects of health - Skin, sleep, immunity, libido, focus, hydration, detox, gut health - with inspiring conversations featuring incredible people who have persevered through difficult challenges on their health journeys. From life-threatening illnesses to physical limitations or lifestyle issues, we'll see just how far these guests have progressed, creating new possibilities and discovering creative solutions along the way. Join us on this journey as we learn more about them and gain an understanding of their stories - full of hope, resilience and courage - that promises to leave all of us feeling better informed, empowered and inspired alike.

If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, then look no further – this uplifting series is sure to provide comfort and motivation to live out your best self. This podcast was made in partnership with No Ugly - Tune in today and unlock the full potential of your health!

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Disclaimer: This podcast is general in nature and is not individual health advice. I Quit Sugar, and their hosts may not agree with everything discussed in each episode. If the content has prompted something for you, we really encourage you to make an appointment with your GP or health practitioner to get professional advice that is tailored to your individual needs.

About the hosts

We are here out of a deep desire to help you live your healthiest life. We have both been through health journeys which have been transformative in how we live our lives and approach each day. 

J-J Yung

Has been through a very confusing and often times overwhelming health hourney, which started with gut disbiosis and developed into thyroid issues, to now and autoimmune condition that she is still learning about. 

We don’t want you to go through what we have! It can be a lonely, overhwleming, often conflicting and confusing world. We hope these conversations inspire you to dig a bit deeper, cut through the noise and help you live a healthier life. Health is wealth at the end of the day!

Peta Shulman

After learning to manage her autoimmune condition through food and lifestyle, realised that we live in a world where we are over fed and under nourished. But it can be as easy as some simple changes, that can have a huge impact on how your body operates and how you feel day-to-day.

Brought to you by No Ugly

The War On Ugly

The world we live in is fierce and ruthlessly competitive and this dog-eat-dog mentality has created a lot of ugly. Global leaders with ugly beliefs, powerful influencers with ugly behaviours, businesses with ugly practices, and some ugly ingredients going into our food. All of which means some ugly results in the way we treat each other, our environment, and our health. But globally we are waking up.

There is no room for ugly in this gorgeous world.

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