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Additional 8-Week Program Recipes

Were Wagon Wheels your junk food Achilles heel? You don't have to say goodbye to your favourite snack, here's our healthy version!

Perfect for whenever the thought of drinking a hot cup of coffee gives you the sweats!

This green smoothie is the perfect addition to a week of nutritious eating. Enjoy it with brekkie when you're in need of something satisfying and healthy, minus the hours of cooking! This smoothie takes only 5 minutes to whip up, and it's loaded with healthy fats and chlorophyll, some of your best defences against sugar cravings.
This delicious smoothie is loaded with greens to give you an energy boost and fight off the sugar cravings that are likely cropping up right about now! They're an ideal brekkie for those on the go, but you can enjoy these smoothies at any time.
We’ve packed our favourite omega-3-rich foods in a brekkie bowl to have your brain ready to go in the morning!
We love developing new brekkie combos and with this dish, we knew we were onto a winner! Healthy fat-packed walnuts and pepitas provide the perfect crunch atop creamy avo and a hit of chilli.

This salad is unlike your usual side dish - it's loaded with aromatic spices and crispy cauliflower, making it the star of the show.

This dish is loaded with summer vegetables for a refreshing, laid-back dinner the whole family will enjoy. Plus, you'll get some leftovers out of this recipe to ensure the next day's lunch is sorted.
This salad is loaded with flavour, spice and all things nice! It's the perfect hearty lunch or dinner for busy days.
These fragrant chickpeas have everything you need for an on-the-go snack! They're perfect for the lunchbox or the office and will give you that much-needed energy to get through the day. 

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