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September 8WP

This Green Hummus packed full of goodness and uses kale and avocado for an extra healthy kick. It can be enjoyed as a dip or combined with main meals for some extra flavour.
If you have a bunch of left over veggies this is a great way to use them up. They can be used as a starter or just as a snack.
Looking for a quick dip fix or topper for your Pulled Pork Nachos? Try this Super Speedy Guacamole recipe.
Fresh nori rolls are a fresh + tasty way to get some raw veggies into your diet! Mix it up by spreading homemade hummus on the nori roll if you fancy.
Popcorn chicken - need we say more? If you’re freaking out about the 60 minute prep time - don’t worry, that includes 30 minutes of marinating goodness.
One man’s junk is another man’s treasure - we’ve taken beet greens and turned them into a delicious pesto topping for this veggie-packed pizza. We reckon it would taste great stirred through pasta or folded into scrambled eggs too!
Don’t know what to do with your leftover Thanksgiving stuffing? We reckon make them into muffins! Don’t worry if you’re from Aus and don’t have leftovers - in this recipe, we’ll show you how make a quick stuffing too.
This crunchy, flavour-packed granola recipe from the Anti-Anxiety Diet eBook, is a simple snack that is easy to store, benefits your mental health and is popular with the kids – win, win!
When you strip away the excess sugars and preservatives, popcorn makes for a tasty snack that won’t spike your blood sugars. 
These fibre-packed bites are packed with protein, iron and fibre, and are easy to drop into a lunchbox or store in the fridge to snack on throughout the day. 
We harp on about the importance of greens and this Minestrone certainly delivers! Not only that, but this recipe uses the cheap veggies we could find!
This is one recipe that will get your digestive juices flowing! Packed full of stimulating spice and fermented to produce a bunch of good gut bugs, kimchi ticks all the gut-lovin’ boxes.

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