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Inside this book you will find the most instructive, practical and useful kitchen advice that you are ever likely to encounter. Sarah reacquaints us with Flow, an intricately crafted kitchen process that shows us how to cook gut-healing, nutritionally dense, delicious food in less time, for less money and with virtually no waste.

I Quit Sugar: Simplicious Flow is more than its 348 recipes, stunning food photography and intensely useful instruction. It is a manifesto for change, a challenge to us all to take charge of our kitchen, our expenditure, our time, our own health and the health of the planet.

"The design screams modernity, the content takes me back to the lessons of my frugal nan. In Sarah Wilson’s continuing pivot from I Quit Sugar, Simplicious Flow is on a no-waste tip. This isn’t about the one-off cook, more a way to flow, with ingredients and prior preparation, working seasonally and multi-tasking. It’s about saving time, money, energy and resources. I mean, who can’t get down with that? Oh, and it’s delicious." - Delicious Magazine

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