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“I Didn’t Want to Die”: How Georgia Lost 37 Kilos on the 8-Week Program

After going from battling a neurological disorder and dealing with intergenerational obesity to shedding 37kg through the 8-Week Program, Georgia shows that it is possible to take your health back into your own hands – even when the odds are against you. 

Georgia's life began with a daunting diagnosis – born with Sturge-Weber Syndrome, a neurological disorder characterised by facial birthmarks, seizures, eye problems and developmental delays, she faced a daunting prognosis. Doctors warned her parents that she might not live past the age of 13. But Georgia is a fighter, accustomed to defying expectations and overcoming obstacles.

Not only did Georgia survive childhood, but at 20 she is an active, creative young woman who continues to make leaps and bounds in her health journey. And now, at her own instigation – and with the support her parents – Georgia has quit sugar, found a new lease of life and lost 37kg (81lbs) so far!  

Before, during and after the 8-Week Program

"Growing up I had Macca’s and soft drink most days," Georgia recalls. "I didn’t like shopping for clothes...I weighed 128kg.”

But Georgia's turning point came when she saw a television interview with a sugar-free advocate. "One night, I saw a lady being interviewed and told Dad, I want to look like her," she remembers. 

That lady was I Quit Sugar founder Sarah Wilson.


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“I thought she looked very healthy,” Georgia says. “We were talking about healthy food, and Dad told me that lady doesn’t have any sugar in her food. Her name was Sarah and she lives in Sydney. Later, my Dad met Sarah, and shared my story. Sarah and the I Quit Sugar team were touched, and sent us a new cookbook.”

Georgia says that’s what inspired her to turn her life around, pushing her to research nutrition and health.

“I wanted to get healthy and to lose weight. I was really worried when Dad had a heart attack and was in hospital,” she says. “He was only 52. I didn’t want Dad to die and I didn’t want to die.”

Inspired by the I Quit Sugar ethos, Georgia embarked on a journey with the 8-Week Program to overhaul her diet and reclaim her health. With I Quit Sugar, it IS possible, and you don’t have to do it alone.

"I stopped eating sugar and started eating my veggies," Georgia explains. “We eat broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, capsicums, corn, peas, beans, tomatoes, asparagus, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, chilli, sweet potato, and other stuff from Dad’s garden.”

Georgia's journey to health and wellness was not a solitary one—it was a journey she embarked on with the unwavering support of her family, particularly her dad. Growing up, Georgia and her dad faced similar struggles with obesity and weight gain. Like many families, they found themselves caught in a cycle of unhealthy eating habits, frequent indulgences in fast food, and struggles with weight management.

Georgia recalls, "At school, we would often have McDonald’s and soft drink. Some of the intervention programs that I went to also took us kids to the fast food places for treats. Dad is a good cook and Mum loves to make family dinners, so we had lots of veggies and salads, but I still had Macca’s and soft drink most days. And I had a lot of sugar."


Georgia and her Dad had amazing results after quitting sugar!

Despite their shared challenges, Georgia and her dad found strength and motivation in each other's company. 

"To date, my weight loss is 37kgs!" Georgia proudly declares. Her commitment to a sugar-free lifestyle has yielded remarkable results, with a dramatic transformation that extends beyond the number on the scale. 

Georgia's journey from battling a neurological disorder to achieving her weight loss goals through the 8-Week Program by I Quit Sugar is nothing short of extraordinary – and she credits the support and passion of the IQS team for making her dreams a reality. Her resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to a sugar-free lifestyle serve as an inspiration to us all. If you're ready to embark on your own sugar-free journey and experience life-changing results, join us at I Quit Sugar and discover the transformative power of healthy choices.

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