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The difference between this book and the actual 8-Week Program?

This ebook does not include daily meal plans. Instead, it suggest a handful of recipe options you can try when getting that sugar itch.
Or if you just want sugar-free recipes, Sarah Wilson's first book I Quit Sugar is what you should get!

What Sarah says:


"This book will show you how to take sugar out of your diet and get well. It's a step-by-step, 8-Week Program full of tips, tricks and techniques (but without the meal plans) that will help you eliminate the white stuff for good."

What others say:

"I weighed 78kgs when I started and I'm at 68kgs six months later. In addition, I do not have the anger issues, depression/mood swing issues, joint pain (my pain is gone!) and I am all around a more energetic person." - Nicole
"I've been sugar free for almost 12 months. I love the way it makes me feel - lots of energy! I'm amazed how much I don't crave sweets anymore. My skin is glowing." - Di

The I Quit Sugar printbook contains 108 sugar-free recipes designed for minimal fuss and expense as well as ideas for breakfast, kids’ treats, sweet treats, cakes, desserts and smoothies and the complete 8-Week Program. I Quit Sugar: My Simple 8-Week Program is the original eBook that Wilson first wrote in 2011. Together these two books are the ultimate starter kit for you to get you and your family off the white stuff for good.

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