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Restaurant Quality Meat & Wild-Caught Seafood, Delivered to Your Door.

Customised and curated boxes, ethically sourced, sustainably  delivered, from $4.89 per meal.

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  • Grass-Fed & Finished Beef & Lamb 
  • Pasture Raised Chicken & Pork 
  • 100% Wild-Caught Seafood

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4 quick fire reasons why we need to shop well-looked-after meat:

✔️ Stress Reduction: Equalling better quality and tastier meat

✔️ Healthier Diet: Resulting in purer and more natural flavours and a stronger nutritional profile with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. 

✔️ Minimal Use of Additives: Our sourcing of ethical and sustainable meat production involves no antibiotics or hormones used for growth promotion and no synthetic additives.

✔️ Time to Mature: This extended period of growth is vital for more flavoursome, well-developed meat.

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3 killer tools you’ll get with this cookbook:

✔️ A guide to cooking the perfect meat and seafood

✔️ A guide to how to shop meat & seafood that boosts your health and is more flavourful

✔️ 7 killer dinner recipes you'll want on repeat

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