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The chapters:

  • All of the Basics
  • Get Ahead Sunday Cook-ups
  • All-in-One Weekly Meals
  • Slap-Dash Dinners
  • One-Pot Soups and Stews
  • Desserts that Cheat the System

What Sarah says:

“Pretty much all of my food philosophies, cooking practices and eating approaches come together in the notion of the one-pot meal. Quitting sugar means quitting processed food, which means eating REAL food, which means you have to cook. But cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be simple. And cheap. And it should be. This is where this book kicks in. All the recipes use the whole ingredient. A bunch of our basics use up any of the leftovers and the simplicity of creating dinner in just one step means we all cook more and get through the ingredients sitting at the back of the fridge.”

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