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How Actress Amanda Achieved Her Health Goals With Our 8-Week Program

Amanda Beck cured her digestive issues and transformed her relationship with food after taking on the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program. Here’s how she did it. 

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Amanda Beck 8-Week Program

Amanda’s Journey.

24-year-old Amanda had been interested in health and nutrition long before she gave sugar the slip. It wasn’t until coming across our book,I Quit Sugar, that she was inspired to take action and join us for our 8-Week Program.

Disentangling ourselves from sugar addiction is incredibly challenging to do alone, with emotional eating a common barrier to a healthy lifestyle. Amanda speaks to the deeply ingrained attachment we have to sugar:

“We go to sugar when we are sad, when we want to celebrate, when we are in a social setting; we associate sugar with happy memories from childhood.”

But with the help of the team here at I Quit Sugar, Amanda was finally able to unpack these emotions and redefine her relationship with sugar and food.

Her sugar-free journey was not without obstacles, with Amanda revealing it was the physical and psychological symptoms of sugar withdrawal that challenged her the most during the program. 

“The second day after I'd cut out all sugar, I woke up sweating, shaky, lightheaded, and some degree of those lightheaded/dizzy/shaky/empty feelings stayed with me for at least a week or two,” Amanda says. 

But she let herself experience these symptoms and came out on the other end a new person.

“I told myself that I would surrender to those moments of discomfort and anxiety, because I was finding out who I was without sugar,” she says. “I did my best to lean into those difficult moments instead of pushing them away, because I had to release this part of myself to really see what was left.”

Why she did it.

Working in the image-obsessed LA acting industry, Amanda is no stranger to diet culture and the pressures surrounding it. But she recognised how harmful this approach was and instead wanted to make changes in her life that would decrease her health issues – not her size. 

“One of the intentions I set for myself (after being given some advice that I should count calories and that it would be ideal if I was a few pounds underweight) was that I would strive to be my healthiest self, and make my decisions on food based on what was the best for me and my health holistically, not solely on what makes me the thinnest.”

Studying integrative nutrition and humanistic psychology, Amanda understands the importance of a nutritious, low-sugar lifestyle. Before joining the prorgam, she was in need of a more supportive, structured environment to make her health goals a reality. This is where the 8-Week Program came in. With a detailed week-by-week program filled with expert techniques to manage cravings, while also eating delicious meals, our program offers a simple path to mental and physical health.

Acid reflux and indigestion also plagued Amanda’s life, making eating a stressful activity. Ditching the sugar with our program has led to long-lasting relief from these conditions. 

Amanda says her journey was as much about health as it was about spirituality and self-development.

“I wanted to know who I was without sugar, so I really tried to embrace it as a spiritual transformation, and breathe deeply into those moments, and let myself feel what I needed to feel through this process instead of pushing the feelings away.”


How Amanda benefited from the 8-Week Program. 

  1. Saying goodbye to a host of digestive issues.

“I no longer get acid reflex or indigestion, both of which I used to experience pretty chronically.”

  1. Healing her relationship with food and body image.
  2. Management of cravings.
  3. Learning to believe in herself. 
  4. Mental clarity. 
  5. Getting to share the program with her father: “It's always so exciting when one of us finds something new we love to eat without sugar”, she says.

The takeaway: Amanda’s advice.

Amanda admits she has been tripped up by perfectionism frequently in her life, but says it’s important to be kind to ourselves and allow for mistakes and missteps.

“I have gotten caught up at times in thinking that I won't be successful if I don't do things a certain way”, she says. “That can be anything from what kinds of work I do, how I look, how I perform, how social I am or how I interact with people.”

Luckily, one of the best things about our program is the no-pressure, supportive environment that provides the tools to manage relapses.

Amanda also says that knowing what to expect was a major part of her success. She found many emotional issues came up that were difficult to confront, but going into the program knowing this allowed her to achieve her goals.  

“I fully believe I was successful this time because I went into it knowing what to expect,” she says. “Every other time I had tried to significantly change my diet like this, I really didn't last long, as I'd start to feel sick and think I was doing something wrong. This time, I understood that my body was going to react, and I went into it very intentionally.”

Amanda celebrated her one-year I Quit Sugar anniversary on July 11th and is healthier than ever.

“I just want anyone reading this to know that you have it in you to live the life of your dreams.” 

Your sneak peek into our program structure.

Week 1: Cutting back: to start you off, we’ll be easing into some healthier choices. 

Week 2:Operation quit and replace sugar with fat: in this week, we’ll be challenging myths around fat consumption and show you how it can actually help you on your journey to better health.

Week 3:How much sugar are we eating? Know your labels: this week is all about helping you navigate the complex and inconsistent world of labelling.

Week 4:Clean week: week 4 will be focused on dealing with the inevitable cravings that will come up – we promise you’ll come out the other end with a new mindset and a new toolchest of coping techniques. 

Week 5:Dealing with doubts from others and eating out: learn how to deal the social pressures that come with living sugar-free. 

Week 6:Add some sweetness back in: despite our name, we’re not just about cutting all sugar out forever; in this week we’ll be sharing the secret to safely incorporating some sweetness in your diet. 

Week 7:Coping with lapses: it’s normal to relapse occasionally – we’ll show you how to get back on the horse.

Week 8:Refining and moving forward: the exciting last stage of our program is dedicated to setting you up for success when you step out on your own.

Join Us.

Feeling inspired? Now is the time to get started on your own health journey and finally make your health dreams a reality with our 8-Week Program.

Take a look at what’s on offer:

  1. A holistic approach to wellness. 
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  3. 90+ member-only recipes.
  4. Each week has a structured focus to help you succeed.
  5. Community forums for support and care.
  6. Support from us, the I Quit Sugar team.
  7. Exclusive content from our panel of experts.

8-Week Program Registrations NOW OPEN!

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