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Rosie’s Unexpected Success Story on the 8-Week Program: “I Quit Sugar to Lose Weight Before my Wedding, But Never Expected it Would Help My Arthritis”

Rosie started the 8-Week Program with a humble goal of losing a few kilos – what she didn’t bargain for was the lifestyle transformation that came with it. Now 20 kilos lighter and enjoying relief from her arthritis symptoms, here’s what she wants those on the fence to know.

Despite a long-term Weight Watchers membership, Rosie says she didn’t feel as healthy as she’d hoped and she was struggling with weight gain and the development of rheumatoid arthritis. But it was Rosie’s wedding weight loss goals that prompted her to join the 8-Week Program, and she brought her fiancé, John, along for the ride.

“My fiancé and I were eating low-fat yoghurt, Weight Watchers bars, Coke Zero and six serves of fruit a day, I would also binge on desserts on Saturday (weigh-in day), as a reward for losing weight, or as a comfort for gaining weight,” Rosie says. “It was a massive surprise to me when my specialist then told me I was bordering on having non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – I thought by that time I was quite healthy!”

Before the 8-Week Program

But contrary to popular belief – and Rosie’s preconceptions – you don’t have to skip fat, in fact, it’s one of the vital elements in keeping us fuller for longer and preventing binging.

“The thought of full-fat milk, butter, oil, cheese and avocado was intimidating after being on Weight Watchers for so long,” she says. “To our surprise, we both slimmed down!

“Both of us have lost and are still losing weight (John about 15kg and myself about 5kg). I am now a size 10 for the first time in about nine years! I have noticed I have more muscle tone than I have ever had. We both look slimmer everywhere.” 

But weight loss was just the beginning of Rosie's transformation. As she delved deeper into the program, she gained invaluable knowledge about the harmful effects of sugar on the body and discovered a newfound love for cooking with wholesome ingredients. 

"I learnt so many new things on the Program," Rosie reflects. "We know so much more about sugar now." 

More importantly, Rosie experienced remarkable improvements in her health. She was able to reduce her rheumatoid arthritis medication, and her flare-ups became rare occurrences. John's skin cleared up, and Rosie noticed improvements in her nails and skin texture. 

After the 8-Week Program

"I can only imagine what my tests will look like now that we’re sugar-free," Rosie muses, eagerly anticipating her next arthritis check-up.

Rosie’s story serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to break free from the grips of sugar addiction and embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle. Through dedication, education, and a supportive community, she has transformed her life and is now thriving in ways she never thought possible. If Rosie's story has inspired you to embark on your own sugar-free journey, it’s time to experience the sweet taste of success for yourself! 

“If you had told me six months ago I would willingly eat kale and asparagus, I would have said you were crazy!”

But when it’s this delish, who could resist?

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