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“Quitting Sugar Has Made Me a Better Role Model for My Kids”: How the 8-Week Program Transformed Sabine’s Family

In a world filled with sugar-laden snacks and sweet temptations, Sabine found herself – and her kids – caught in a cycle of cravings and dependency. As a single mother of two young children, her days revolved around sugar, leaving little room for healthier habits or mindful eating. But everything changed when she discovered the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program.

Sabine's journey began with scepticism and uncertainty. Like many busy parents, she juggled numerous responsibilities and initially struggled to imagine life without the allure of something sweet.

“Before I quit sugar, I used all the regular excuses for not making a change,” she says. “Busy life. Single parent. Two kids. Too hard!” 

Sabine before the 8-Week Program

But it was the structured meal plans and comprehensive support provided by the Program that proved to be a game-changer for her family – the mum of two says she actually gained time and energy.

“When I discovered the Program, I thought the pre-planned meals and the grocery shopping lists would make it easier for a mum with young children to really give quitting sugar a go. I was right!”

But, like many of us who quit the sweet stuff, Sabine came up against withdrawal symptoms. After all, sugar can be an incredibly addictive substance; research has shown sugar triggers our brain’s reward system, even proving to evoke a stronger reward response than cocaine. It works by causing the release of dopamine, the “feel-good” hormone, into the brain and so begins the reward-seeking cycle many of us are more than a little familiar with! It’s also why quitting the stuff can trigger a number of withdrawal effects – from aches and pains to cravings, fatigue and mood swings. 

“I struggled in the first few weeks too, feeling, cranky, weak and really wanting sugar,” Sabine says. “But I started to notice it was more for psychological reasons – to stop boredom or distract myself if I was doing something at work I didn’t want to do.”

But Sabine says the slow-release energy from the recipes and the support in the group forums helped her power through.

“I felt less alone.”

Amidst the initial struggles, Sabine began to notice a shift – both in herself and her children.

“I was actually so surprised by how, once you get over the hump stage you just don’t need sugar anymore,” Sabine says.

Sabine after the 8-Week Program

As weeks turned into months, Sabine witnessed remarkable transformations within her family. Friends and acquaintances remarked on their newfound vitality and radiant appearance, a testament to the power of wholesome nutrition and mindful eating. Inspired by their journey, several friends even embarked on their own sugar-free adventures, drawn by the visible impact on Sabine's family. 

“The kids are so much more aware of what they eat now, and choose healthy most of the time,” she says. “I just love the meal plans (saves me thinking about what to cook for two months straight!).”

For Sabine, quitting sugar was more than just a dietary change – it was a transformational journey that reshaped her family's relationship with food. With each passing day, they embraced a healthier, more vibrant way of life, guided by the principles of the Program and fuelled by a newfound sense of empowerment. 

As she embarks on her third round of the Program, Sabine remains committed to the journey ahead. For her, quitting sugar is not just a phase but a way of life – a conscious decision to prioritise health and wellbeing for herself and her children. And for those considering a similar path, Sabine offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: go for it.

“If you’re thinking about quitting sugar with your kids, my advice would be to sign up to the Program really commit to it,” she says. “The rewards for a bit of extra effort will be felt on a whole range of different levels – not to mention you will be an incredible role model to your children.” 

We’ve put in the hard yards so you can enjoy the benefits of an extensive, wholistic program that covers everything from learning how to manage nutrition and mental health to social situations. When you join us for the 8-Week Program you’ll have exclusive access to expert guidance, nutritional planning and support every step of the way. Take a peek at what’s on offer:

  • 8 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.
  • A range of exclusive recipes, including sugar-free desserts, snacks and all the old favourites.
  • Community forums to share and discuss your experience.
  • Expert support to guide you through each week – from world-renowned chef Sarah Glover to yoga teachers, nutritionists and naturopaths. 

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