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“The Weight Just Melted Off Me”: How Mum of 5 Angela Lost 20 Kilos on the 8-Week Program

Ready to get the whole family out of a sugar-addicted slump? That’s just what Angela did when she joined the 8-Week Program after having her fifth child and deciding that enough was enough – she was ready to let go of unhealthy habits and set her kids up for a healthy future.

"I was a self-confessed lover of all things sweet; cake, lollies, chocolate, white bread – you name it, I loved it! I’d load sugar into my coffee and I never drank water, only cordial,” she says. “To make things worse, I’d also buy lots of “convenience” foods for my family like pre-made pasta sauces and snacks for the kids.

"Don’t get me wrong, we ate lots of veggies, just plenty of rubbish food too.” 

Sounds like a situation lots of Aussie families fall into – that sobering average of 17-teaspoons of added sugar a day speaks for itself – eating some of the good stuff but throwing the benefits off balance with blood-sugar spiking ultra-processed foods. This is a problem for the little ones too, as they juggle homework with sports, tests and school. Sugary foods can leave them struggling to concentrate and falling behind in their studies. It may also lead to the development of mental health conditions like anxiety, so you’ll want to keep their intake to a minimum – but in our world overflowing with added sugars, even in the so-called health food items like cereal and bread, it can be difficult to sort the good from the bad. That’s where the program comes in; we’ve done all the research and planning for you, making it easy to choose, prepare and eat real, wholesome food. 

“As a mum, I needed to be on my A game and that meant improving my health so I could look after my family,” Angela says. “A friend and I started exercising every day and eating “clean” by cutting out all processed foods and sugar. Then, she lent me Simplicious, and it changed my life!”


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As Angela delved into the I Quit Sugar resources, she learned about the impact of sugar on our health – and how it affects every part of our body, from our brain to our hormones.  Research shows the gut has a direct link to the brain and gut inflammation throws our neurotransmitters out of whack, leading to those cognitive symptoms. Common gut bacteria like Proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes can cause inflammation when we’re lacking good gut bacteria, and the cause for this is often down to a diet high in added sugars and trans fats, with studies showing the latter results in a higher amount of C-reactive protein – this is one of the markers for inflammation. And we know what chronic inflammation means – disease, low mood, unhealthy skin – need we go on? With newfound knowledge, Angela gradually shifted her family's diet, witnessing incredible transformations – fuller energy, improved skin, and a sense of calmness that replaced the previous brain fog. 

“I had gestational diabetes during two of my pregnancies, so I’d learnt how to track my blood sugar levels and how to keep them down,” she says. “But I’d never thought of going the whole hog and ditching sugar and processed foods completely. I just had no idea how much sugar I was unknowingly feeding my family!”

Realising the extent of hidden sugars in her kids' diets, Angela overhauled their lunchboxes and adopted a bento box approach. Contrary to her expectations, the kids enjoyed delicious alternatives from the program like chocolate bliss balls and Kid-Friendly Chicken.

"I honestly thought the toddlers would struggle the most, but they found it the easiest... My kid’s moods stabilised, and they could concentrate for longer, which meant they could thrive at school too." 

Angela found herself thriving too, finally feeling satisfied after eating instead of craving more.

“I was always full,” she says. “My skin felt and looked amazing, my brain fog lifted and all of a sudden I was calmer. I kept waiting for the headaches or the cravings to kick in, but they never did.

“Now, I’ve lost 20 kilos and the weight just melted off me.” 

Pictured: Angela before and after the 8-Week Program

Her advice for others looking to make a change? Be proud of yourself.

“Tell everyone and anyone! Once people start to see how life-changing this is, they too will become inspired – and that can only lead to great things!"

Ready to follow in Angela’s footsteps? We’ve put in the hard yards so you can enjoy the benefits of an extensive, wholistic program that covers everything from learning how to manage nutrition and mental health to social situations. When you join us for the 8-Week Program you’ll have exclusive access to expert guidance, nutritional planning and support every step of the way. Take a peek at what’s on offer:

  • 8 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists.
  • A range of exclusive recipes, including sugar-free desserts, snacks and all the old favourites.
  • Community forums to share and discuss your experience.
  • Expert support to guide you through each week – from world-renowned chef Sarah Glover to yoga teachers, nutritionists and naturopaths. 

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