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Community Stories

In the demanding world of healthcare, GP Jenny found herself facing the repercussions of long hours and unhealthy eating habits. Ironic, we know. That’s where the 8-Week Program came in – with convenient meal plans and delicious recipes, the Aussie GP revolutionised her relationship with food and wellbeing.

Sometimes we need a little push in the right direction to transform our lives – just ask Lisa, a former sugar addict turned sugar-free marathon runner, who discovered a life-changing path through the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program. Here’s how we made her goals a reality. 

Mum of two Tamsin knew she had a problem with sugar and using the sweet stuff as an emotional crutch – an all too familiar story. But after joining the 8-Week Program, she found herself actually enjoying eating well. And, well, the results speak for themselves.   

After being first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease in 2001, Samantha Hoareau was relieved to put a name to the collection of symptoms that had been plaguing her life. But juggling medication, professionals and treatment plans remains an ongoing process – here’s how she’s managing her wellbeing while dealing with a lesser-known, highly underdiagnosed condition.  

It's true what they say – the body keeps the score. But Bite Size Nutrition’s Gillian was jolted into action when she received an undeniable message from her body that something was very wrong. Here's how she went from restrictive to intuitive eating and swapping restriction for nourishment. Plus, the nutrition, body image and mindset coach shares some of the major signs of disordered eating.

After struggling through years of eating disorders, depression, anxiety and all the medications that her doctors prescribed, Samantha Boyce finally found out why she had felt different since childhood. ADHD was the culprit behind her overwhelming experiences through all facets of life – this is how she finally found out, and the tumultuous journey she took to get there.

35-year-old Hollie Owens was in her twenties when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer – but doctors and nurses had told her time and time again she was too young, making her wait years for urgent tests. The result? She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given a 5% chance the live. Here’s how she fought for her life despite the obstacles – from the cancer and doctors alike.

Despite doctors' claims that she was too young for bowel cancer, Jessica Dasler knew something was wrong. A stage 4 diagnosis years later proved her right – but the next challenge was getting doctors to give her the right treatment rather than write her off.   

Neonatal nurse Nicole Francillon suffered from severe pain for decades before getting her endometriosis diagnosis – from dismissive doctors to the normalisation of female pain, the 43-year-old reveals the hurdles she had to leap across to receive that much-needed medical support.

After being dismissed by doctor after doctor, Rachel Griggs was left to advocate for herself in the midst of debilitating pain. This is her story.

After noticing her clothes no longer fit and struggling to reign in a sugar habit, Christine Urry decided it was time to take back control of her life. Here’s how she made it happen with the 8-Week Program.

Suffering from poor sleep, aching joints and obesity, Christina was keen to make a change in her life. That’s when she came upon the 8-Week Program – the nurse and mum-of-3 shares how she transformed her lifestyle and reignited her inspiration for healthy living in just 2 months.

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