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4 Secrets to Pulling Off a Sober Silly Season

Have you been laying off the liquor lately? Whether it’s for weight loss goals, fighting addiction or just overall health, there’s no reason your progress has to be halted just because the festive season is upon us – here are 4 tips to having a blast without the booze.

Don’t sleep on mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks

Mocktails are the perfect accompaniment to any Chrissy or New Year’s party, and it saves you having to answer questions on why you’re not drinking. But beware of the sugar content – some mocktails, like their alcohol counterparts, are a sure-fire way to send your blood sugars into overdrive. These sneaky drinks pack a deceptive amount of sugar for their size. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still throw back a mean mocktail – that’s why we’re here. Check out our Holiday Entertaining Guide for pages loaded with fun recipes for non-alcoholic drinks that are festive and refreshing. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Fermented Ginger-ade
  • Lime ginger-ade
  • Very Pretty Iced Lemon Tea 

There are also a number of non-alcoholic renditions of old classics like Waterhole and SansDrinks – the latter of which has a sugar-free range.  

Talk more and drink less

Instead of making the drinks the focus, make a beeline for friends and family to have a chat with. When you get lost in the conversation, you’ll start to forget about the alcohol, along with dodging pushy hosts who may pressure you into accepting a glass. But choose carefully who you mingle with – go for those furthest away from the kitchen and if you know any fellow alcohol-dodgers, stick with them. There’s strength in numbers!

Tip: Make yourself the designated driver to make your goals that much easier.

Get involved in the entertainment

If it’s your party, set up some fun activities for guests – this could include sports and games, movies, karaoke and charades. It gives you a chance to distance yourself from the drinks and get absorbed in other activities as opposed to being stuck at the table. If it’s someone else’s party, consider bringing the fun with you – portable games like cards and boardgames are all good options.  

It’s okay to say no

Many of us struggle with enforcing boundaries – especially when we’re around friends and family. Phrases like “just have one drink”, “it’s Christmas, you might as well”, or “but I made it myself!” may be a familiar sound around the festive season, eliciting guilt or obligation. But remember, no is a complete sentence – so says Oprah, and so say we! Not only is it okay to decline a drink, you also don’t need to give an explanation if you don’t want to. A simple “no, thanks” and a subject change should do the trick – and if your questioner is relentless, simply repeat your answer ad nauseum. It might feel rude if you’re a people pleaser, but enforcing your boundaries is an important aspect of healing during your health journey. If saying no makes you uncomfortable, start small by declining things you know are inconsequential. For instance, try saying you’d rather try a different activity if someone asks you to go bowling. Then you can work your way up to the things you find harder to say no to. Remember you’re never going to please everyone with your decisions, you might as well choose what’s right for you.

Looking for tips on keeping the sugar to a minimum this silly season? Check out our article with 5 handy tips to stay healthy. If you’ve been having a little trouble keeping that sugar addiction at bay, we’re here to help. We know it can be hard to stick to your health goals – especially when you’re trying to manage it alone. Join us for the 8-Week Program where we’ll be quitting sugar and turning our health dreams into a reality. When you sign up with us, you’ll have access to clear-cut meal plans, community support and exclusive access to our sugar-free content. Here’s what’s on offer:

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