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Allergic to avocado? Or perhaps it’s eggs or nuts that get you down – here are a few tasty, healthy and simple alternatives to keep you cooking and eating nutritiously on the 8-Week Program.

While we don’t often associate dairy with sugary foods like chocolate and cake, there is a sugar lurking within your favourite dairy products – it’s called lactose. But this stuff works a little differently to fructose – here’s why we still eat dairy on the 8-Week Program and what it means for you.

With osteoporosis on the rise, many of us are letting our bone health fall to the wayside. Strong bone density relies on a complex balance of nutrients, and that’s why we’ve unpacked a few of the best sources of these vitamins and minerals.

Various kinds of powders, leafy greens and seeds have been thrown into the limelight for their so-called “superfood” status – but is there any truth to these claims or is it all a marketing ploy? We’ll be unveiling what’s so “super” about these foods and how you can find the benefits elsewhere – without the eye-watering price tag.

Much like alcohol and other drugs, sugar has been known to have an effect on the reward system in the brain – but it’s a little harder to avoid. Here’s what you need to know about the addictiveness of sugar, plus, we’ll be diving into the importance of transforming your mindset when giving sugar the flick.

When we’re trying to boost our skin, hair and nail health, our first course of action may be to hit the chemist for an all-in-one pill, but there’s a simpler, more wholesome alternative and it comes down to what we put on our plate. Here are our top 3 recommendations for glowing skin, strong nails and flowing hair. 

You feta believe there’s a way you can combine simplicity with nutrition – grazing board is one of the most versatile dishes that you can serve at a party or simply enjoy with the kids for a quick lunch. We’ll be diving into some of the essentials for your board – plus, our 8-Week Program expert, Bianca Monley, shares her top tips for a healthy grazing platter.

Meet Bianca Monley – she's one of our newest additions to our January 8-Week Program panel of experts. This health and wellness entrepreneur will be sharing her passion for good food and holistic nourishment to guide you through the program.

The war between kids and their greens is a tale as old as time – but there are a few tricks to getting the little ones not only eating their fruit and veg, but enjoying them too. We’ve got the top tips straight from Lifely founder and nutrition entrepreneur Bianca Monley. 

Most of us aren’t getting enough potassium – and it’s not surprising when you consider how elusive this essential nutrient can be. That’s we we’ve gathered 5 powerhouse sources of potassium for you to get your daily dose sorted.

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