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With osteoporosis on the rise, many of us are letting our bone health fall to the wayside. Strong bone density relies on a complex balance of nutrients, and that’s why we’ve unpacked a few of the best sources of these vitamins and minerals.

Various kinds of powders, leafy greens and seeds have been thrown into the limelight for their so-called “superfood” status – but is there any truth to these claims or is it all a marketing ploy? We’ll be unveiling what’s so “super” about these foods and how you can find the benefits elsewhere – without the eye-watering price tag.

Most of us aren’t getting enough potassium – and it’s not surprising when you consider how elusive this essential nutrient can be. That’s we we’ve gathered 5 powerhouse sources of potassium for you to get your daily dose sorted.

 We’re seeing rates of hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, swiftly climbing up, with Aussies at great risk for the condition. Our sedentary lives combined with our ultra-processed, sugar-laden diets are some of the biggest contributors to this trend – but there is something we can do to reduce our risk, and it starts with what we put on our plates. Here are 4 impressive foods to combat hypertension.

Everything from environmental pollutants like smog, smoke and pathogens down to the foods we put on our plate contribute to the health of our skin. Here are 3 foods you won’t want to skip out on when it comes to protecting your skin from the toxins we come into contact with every day.

With parties, family reunions and a slew of festivities coming up, many of us are starting to feel the stress and strain that comes with the holiday season. That’s why we’ve compiled a number of foods known for their stress-relieving properties, so you can take the edge off this festive season.

Your eyes guide you through the world, but a number of conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts are on the rise – and in many cases, it's preventable. Here are 5 foods for eye health that’ll keep you seeing clear.

Did you know the foods we eat can affect our lung health? It’s not just about the gut – a number of vitamins and minerals play a massive role in the function of the lungs. Here are 5 foods to add to your plate.

We’ve heard all about the importance of probiotics, but did you know prebiotics are just as, if not more, important for your gut health? We’ll be diving into the benefits of these overlooked nutritional essentials, plus 5 outstanding sources to get your daily dose from.

Noticed a few greys sneaking in? While grey, white or silver hairs are completely normal, when they start showing up a little earlier than expected, it could be a sign of an underlying deficiency or health issue at play. Take a look at 5 of the most important nutrients for preventing or slowing the progress of premature grey hairs – plus which foods you’ll find them in.

Forget the Mediterranean diet – this year it’s all about the Nordic diet. Boasting a litany of celebrity followers like Heidi Klum, we’ve decided to unpack whether this popular diet is worth the hype.

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