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Say Hello to Clear Skin: Why IQS Members Swear by No Ugly Skin Tonic

For many of us, dealing with skin issues is a daily struggle that puts a dent in our self-confidence, and for too long, the main recommendations have been expensive serums and side effect-laden drugs – No Ugly is on a mission to change that narrative with their Skin tonic, and IQS community members have been fortunate enough to witness its effects firsthand. With 90% expressing intent to continue using No Ugly Skin and 100% happy to reccommend it to a friend, the verdict is clear!

15 participants embarked on a journey to healthier skin, incorporating just one bottle of No Ugly Skin tonic into their daily routine. Throughout the 8-week trial period, they witnessed a remarkable transformation in their skin health, with rave reviews pouring in and a significant reduction in the biggest skin struggles like acne, fine lines and redness.

“It's been very impressive! I've seen the changes before my eyes,” one participant said.

Let’s unpack the results and unveil the journey to a healthier, smoother skin.

Before we dive into the impressive, visible effects the tonic had, we'll first unpack the glowing reviews participants gave of the taste of No Ugly Skin, rating the drink at 5 out of 5 stars for taste.


Rating out of 5 Stars For Taste

With pineapple and citrusy notes combined in carbonation, No Ugly Skin is refreshing and light – you won’t even realise it’s healing your skin from the inside out. 

“Enjoying the pineapple taste of the drink when I wake up each day,” one participant wrote.

“The taste is truly enjoyable and fruity. Those accustomed to drinking kombucha will find a similar flavour.” 

“The taste is pleasant and easy to drink. I like pineapple, so it isn't really a big ask. The slight fizz is also nice. I prefer it in the fridge or served over ice.”

But it didn’t just taste good – it made participants feel good too, with many participants reporting improved confidence and healthier skin just one week into the trial.

“Since starting the trial I'm realising skin is a reflection of what you eat, as well as your skincare routine.”

“My skin feels less oily.”

“My skin has felt more hydrated and I feel like it's getting smoother too.”

Just two weeks in, participants report a 87% satisfaction rate with No Ugly Skin!


“Less pimples are on my face.”

“My skin looks less dehydrated and feels fresher.”

By the end of the trial, IQS members were blown away by the visible results the tonic provided – long-term acne, rosacea and dry skin sufferers all weighed in.

“My friends have commented on my skin and even asked me what I've been using! They were surprised to hear the only difference was a tonic, not a serum.”

“It's been very impressive! I've seen the changes before my eyes, and even this week I've noticed even more improvement to the fine lines of my skin.”

"The benefits to my skin were amazing. I've had a lot of acne problems, so it's nice to see a clearer face in the mirror."  

“I've been pretty blown away to see my skin is actually looking a lot clearer this week, I think it must be related - I hadn't noticed much change before but this week has been impressive! I've decided not to go through with taking medication for my acne as I'm so happy with these results! There are a few pimples, but overall my skin is so much clearer and I don't feel so self-conscious.”

So, the verdict is in! IQS members have given No Ugly Skin 5 stars for taste, effectiveness and overall satisfaction.

Rating Out of 5 Stars for Overall Satisfaction 

Now let’s find out what makes the tasty ingredients in No Ugly Skin so good for your pores.

The marine collagen in No Ugly Skin is one of the major superheroes fighting for your skin health. Derived from fish, research suggests that this form of collagen may offer several benefits for the skin due to its unique composition and bioactive properties, with study after study finding it to have visible and substantial improvements to the skin’s health and quality. One study on the effects of marine collagen on ageing women’s skin found that participants’ crow’s feet wrinkles had decreased by an impressive 16.5% after just 12 weeks. The study also found that just 8 weeks of supplementation led to improved elasticity, firmness and thickness, with 74% of participants reporting visible improvements during the study.  Sourced from New Zealand pine bark trees, pine bark extract was specifically included in No Ugly Skin for its skin-healing properties. Research suggests that the rich bioactive compounds are to thank for these effects – they contain a variety of antioxidants, including flavonoids and proanthocyanidins. To put it simply, these compounds help neutralise harmful free radicals in the body, which can result from environmental stressors such as UV radiation, pollution, and oxidative stress. By reducing oxidative damage, pine bark extract may help protect skin cells from premature ageing, collagen degradation, and the formation of wrinkles.

So, will the trial members continue using the tonic? Over 90% said YES!

And it’s not just about skin health – participants also noticed unexpected benefits: 

"I feel like my nails have grown quicker and some old acne blemishes on my face (pock marks) do not seem nearly as pronounced as they were."

"This product helps with my sugar cravings, as I'm not eating chocolate in the afternoon I'm drinking this instead."

And the numbers don’t lie – with 100% sayingthey’d recommend the drink to a friend, we know it’s good.

Try it For Yourself: How to Drink No Ugly Gut

Just a bottle a day is the key to happy, healthy and gorgeous skin; you can think of it as an addition to your daily skin routine. Enjoy it on its own or with a meal, it's completely up to you. It doesn't get any easier than that!

So, this all sounds good right? If you’re ready to try this tasty supplement to boost your health, No Ugly has what you need. Their unique formulation combines the research of modern science with the wisdom of ancient tradition to provide a powerful, nourishing tonic you can enjoy anywhere, any time. Try it for yourself HERE.



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