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6 Serious Signs of Dehydration

The signs of dehydration can show up in everything from your skin right down to the toilet bowl – that’s right, there are a few surprising and uncomfortable symptoms that come with a water shortage. Take a look at 6 of the signs to look out for – plus, we’ll be unveiling our latest range of water bottles to keep you hydrated – without costing the earth.

One alarming study suggests that 75% of us are chronically dehydrated – now this might not leave your body at breaking point, but it can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms that will only escalate if not addressed. Here’s where it gets scary – dehydration is one of the major causes of hospitalisation – especially when it comes to the elderly – and it’s known to increase your chances of death and disease. That’s why we’ve collated a number of signs you’re dehydrated – here’s what to look out for.


If you’ve been feeling excessively tired, it could be down to dehydration. This is because your sleep and wake cycles are often linked into hydration, and when you’re not meeting your body’s needs, things can turn a little pear-shaped. Research has found that those who are dehydrated had significantly shorter sleeping sessions than those who weren’t. But it’s not just about sleep, your waking hours can also be characterised by a lack of energy and a feeling of weakness, with another study showing that athletes with dehydration struggled with fatigue, so if you’re struggling with your usual exercise regime or just feeling more sluggish than usual, it’s worth checking on your water intake – and remember it’s not just about what you drink, it’s about what you eat. Some foods can be dehydrating like alcohol and snacks with excess salt.   

Dark urine

If your urine is taking on a dark hue, this is another major indicator of hydration issues. Darker-coloured urine usually comes about when our bodies are forced to conserve water, leading to a more concentrated mixture of bodily waste. The other related symptom here is a reduced frequency of urination, so if you find yourself heading to the toilet less than usual, it could be time to rehydrate. But this doesn’t mean you should aim for clear pee! Contrary to popular belief, the optimal colour should be a light yellow rather than complete transparency.

Dry skin with poor elasticity

If you’ve been dealing with cracked lips, dry or irritated skin or if you’ve noticed a loss of elasticity in the skin, these are all signs you’re lacking hydration. Try pinching a bit of skin on your abdomen for 3 seconds, then release it – if your skin is properly hydrated, it will bounce back almost immediately. If you’re dehydrated, it’s likely that the skin will take a longer amount of time to return to its normal state – this is known as the turgor test.


This is the classic sign of dehydration – but it’s often mistaken for a number of other conditions, along with simply being put down to stress or benign causes, but frequent headaches could actually be a message from your body to replenish your fluids. While researchers haven’t found the direct link between headaches and dehydration yet, it’s believed that the lack of fluids could reduce blood flow in the brain – that’s where the headaches come in. One study found that upping hydration levels resulted in a reduction of migraine symptoms and frequency.

Heart palpitations

This is one of the more unexpected symptoms on this list – and one that can cause a bit of panic – but heart palpitations are, in fact, a common sign of dehydration. This is because dehydration can also affect your heart, with research finding it reduced blood vessel functionality, along with negatively affecting blood pressure levels. You may experience anything from a pounding heart to a fluttering feeling – though it’s worth noting heart palpitations can be a symptom of a number of conditions, including anxiety and thyroid issues. 

Reduced mental clarity

If you’ve been struggling with concentrating lately or dealing with a bit of forgetfulness or a lack of energy, this could be a sign of dehydration. That’s right, it’s not limited to physical symptoms, cognitive effects are also common and extremely disconcerting for those on the receiving end. This is because dehydration can alter our short-term memory and learning abilities, along with negatively affecting mood and mental clarity, with a study finding those who were dehydrated had poor mood, lower attention spans and reduced memory function – but here’s the kicker – after rehydrating, these symptoms cleared up for the bulk of participants. In extreme cases, dehydration can result in a drastic mood changes that may manifest in rage or anxiety.


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