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Introducing Beauty Food

We’re thrilled to have Beauty Food on board as one of our latest partners to bring you nutritious, delicious and REAL food. Their innovative range of snacks will change the way you fuel your body – and best of all? They’ll do a world of good for your skin, hair and nail health too! Here’s how.

Beauty Food was founded by personal trainer and mum-of-2, Libby Babet – you might recognise her from her role on the Biggest Loser! – along with exercise physiologist and nutritionist, Veronika Larisova, with a mutual goal to take the stress out of eating healthily. As skilled health experts, they understand just how important diet is to our physical and mental health, and this is why they formulated a range of snacks that provide the following benefits:

  • Skin, hair and nail health benefits
  • Nutritious support for mums
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and GMO-free ingredients
  • Satiating and satisfying ingredients
  • Curbs intense cravings
  • REAL ingredients only – none of those artificial flavours, preservatives or sugar alcohols!
  • Indulgent-tasting, guilt-free snacks
  • Recommended by health experts, from dieticians to nutritionists

Looking for a snack that’s not only nutritious and satisfying, but also boosts your beauty care? That’s what Beauty Food is here for. Instead of relying on inflammatory snacks like chips, chocolates and fast food because they’re convenient, these guys decided to provide an alternative that’s just as convenient – minus that inevitable sugar crash! In the words of co-founder, Libby, it can be hard to juggle eating well with a fast-paced life.

“When you’re busy and stressed, you don’t have to settle for health destroying snacks to get you through. Now, you can have something yummy and healthy that supports you from the inside out.”

Take a look at their products

The Beauty Food range has everything from tasty snacks to nutritious supplements to keep your body at peak performance. Their products are loaded with healthy fats to curb cravings and keep you fuller for longer, along with protein to fuel your body and boost your health, inside and out. Their iconic snacks are also packed with collagen – this stuff happens to be the most abundant protein found in our bodies. It’s an essential for the process of making connective tissue in the body – simply put, this tissue is vital to our bones, skin, muscles, tendons and cartilage. It’s for this reason that collagen is believed to boost skin health, as it improves the strength, elasticity and bounciness of skin. The result? Fewer wrinkles and smoother skin. Let’s take a look at some of their delicious snacks:

Collagen Cookies: From Berry Bombshell to Peanut Nutter, you’ll find an extensive range of innovative, fun flavours that you won’t believe are as good for your body as they are for your tastebuds! You’ll find these morish cookies in select Woolworths stores. Find the full range of Collagen Cookies online HERE.

Collagen Nut Butters: These nut butters are perfect for your morning toast, in a smoothie or in your baking creations – and along with that smooth taste, you’ll also get a dose of healthy fats for healthy skin and shiny hair. Find the full range of Collagen Nut Butters online HERE.

Supplements: If you’re in need a strong health boost for brittle hair and nails or damaged, dehydrated skin, you’ll want to try Beauty Food’s supplements. Their Wild-Caught Bioactive Marine Collagen Powder is loaded with those much-needed nutrients to have you glowing from the inside out. Find the full range of supplements HERE. Plus, get excited for their coffee and hot chocolate flavours – set to hit the shelves soon!


Sounds good, right? Take a look at Beauty Food’s website HERE, for their full range of products, plus learn more about their mission and powerhouse founders. Get a sneak peek into their iconic snacks with this sample pack and be sure to follow them on Instagram at @beautyfoodbondi for all their latest nutrition content to get you looking and feeling healthy and happy.

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