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Introducing ButcherCrowd: A Pioneering Force for Sustainable Meat + Fish

We are thrilled to introduce our exciting new partnership with ButcherCrowd, ethical and sustainable meat and seafood providers who share our values and vision for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Here’s how they’re changing the game.

Tired of paying for overpriced meat and fish at the supermarket, only to find the taste is off and their unethical practices are through the roof? You’re not alone. That’s why ButcherCrowd emerged with an affordable, sustainable solution – they prove that it IS possible to balance ethics with quality and affordability. Here at I Quit Sugar, we understand the importance of ethical practices that prioritise animal welfare, environmental preservation, and community empowerment, so we're pretty stoked to be joining forces with ButcherCrowd, a name synonymous with sustainable living.

“Our beef, lamb, chicken and pork eat fresh grass, breathe fresh air and our seafood is wild-caught from sustainable fisheries sourced from pristine waters - they have lived a life as nature intended. The animals are cared for and treated humanely, giving them a good quality of life. The grade of your meat is directly influenced by how the animal lived,”


Founders Damien and Rob Moffatt were raised on the Atherton Tablelands, where they were instilled with a passion for ethical and wholesome farming methods – it’s why they knew that had to do something about the state of the meat and seafood market today. Sustainability is a way of life for these guys – their commitment to sustainable practices that minimise environmental impact perfectly aligns with our holistic approach to health and wellness. From regenerative agriculture techniques that restore ecosystems to reducing food waste, ButcherCrowd's values mirror our own dedication to nourishing the planet and promoting a sustainable future.

I Quit Sugar and ButcherCrowd both share a deep appreciation for quality – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice sustainability and ethics. ButcherCrowd's commitment to sourcing premium-grade, locally produced meats and seafood is in harmony with our philosophy of consuming real, whole foods that nourish both the body and soul. This partnership aims to provide health-conscious individuals with a broader array of options that are ethically sourced, premium-quality, and uncompromising in their commitment to taste and values. 

What ButcherCrowd Offers

ButcherCrowd boasts an impressive line-up of offerings, including: 

  • 100% grass-fed cattle
  • Wild-caught salmon and tiger prawns
  • Pasture-raised chicken, lamb and pigs
  • Products free from antibiotics and added hormones

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a core part of the ButcherCrowd business model. Their farmers employ techniques such as rotational grazing, cover cropping, and regenerative soil practices to promote soil health and biodiversity. By minimising the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, ButcherCrowd is dedicated to preserving the environment while providing top-quality products. They’re renowned for their high-quality beef, sourced from Aussie cattle that are raised on open pastures, with fresh air, sunlight and a nourishing diet. They graze on nutrient-rich grasses to boost their own health, along with that of the soil quality, which also sequesters carbon, helping to reduce greenhouse gases and contributing to a more sustainable future. The cattle are free to grow at their own pace with a diet that nourishes them, ensuring the highest quality in taste and nutrition.

But it’s not just about meat – one of the biggest issues with seafood is mistreatment of fish and other sea creatures through intensive farming and cruel enclosures, along with the dangerous pollution and use of antibiotics these forms of farming results in – after all, in such close quarters, fish are vulnerable to the fast spread of disease. That’s why ButcherCrowd only sources their salmon and prawns from pristine waters where they’re free from containment and stressful environments. They’re free from antibiotics, hormones and other artificial additives that are often used in farmed production, and are caught in their natural habitat without contributing to the issues associated with intensive farming, such as habitat destruction and pollution. Their wild-caught salmon and prawns feed on a natural diet that ensures a more complex and flavourful taste compared to seafood that are raised on a controlled – often unsuitable – diet. 

ButcherCrowd provides all of these sustainable and ethical guarantees with the added bonus of affordability. With the average Aussie household of 3 spending a whopping $57 every week on meat alone, ButcherCrowd can take that number down to $37, slashing 30% off your weekly shop. 

Sounds good, right? If you’re keen to learn more and enjoy more nutritious, wholesome meals, head on over to ButcherCrowd’s website for all your sustainable, ethical meat and seafood needs – they’ve got a plan for everyone, whether you’re living alone or you’ve got a big family.

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