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Introducing Tiny Tea Kids – Your Go-to Drink For Fussy Kids

We’re thrilled to introduce our new partner, Tiny Tea Kids, along with their inspiring collection of innovative tea flavours. With a vision for bringing exciting, nutritious and kid-friendly drinks to the market – minus the sugar overload – these guys are anything but tiny.

Spearheaded by mum-of-3, Tegan Carakitsos, Tiny Tea Kids was founded on a dream to fill the gaping hole in the market for healthy kids’ drinks. With much of the options in the supermarket aisles bursting with added sugars, preservatives and ingredients we can’t even pronounce, it can be hard to make an informed and healthful decision for your kids. That’s where Tiny Tea Kids comes in. This Australian-owned company is all about delivering delicious teas that are heavy on the flavour and light on the sugar. Here’s what you’ll notice about their collection of kids' teas:

  • They’re low in sugar
  • They’re high in taste
  • They boast a variety of flavours
  • They’re free from artificial flavours and sweeteners
  • They’re free from caffeine

That’s right, unlike some of the healthiest of herbal teas, Tiny Teas Kids are caffeine-free. Popular teas like green tea, oolong tea and black tea might be lighter on the caffeine than coffee, but they still throw a hefty punch – packing around 35 to 50 milligrams of caffeine. Considering that a cup of coffee has around 90 milligrams, those teas come a little too close for comfort. Here’s why this matters: you probably know that caffeine’s not great for youngsters, but were you aware than no amount of this stuff has been proven to be safe for those under 12 years of age? Even teenagers are advised to keep their caffeine doses under 100 milligrams per day – so just a few cups of “healthy” herbal teas could send them over the limit. The result? A nervous system gone haywire, which can cause anything from anxiety to a racing heart, soaring blood pressure, sleep difficulty and even acid reflux. That’s why Tiny Tea Kids have formulated a recipe for teas that are not only nutritious and packed with superfoods, but also bursting with flavour and free from all that caffeine.

Check out some of the fun flavours available

Lemonade: Store-bought lemonade tends to be loaded with added sugars, promising a hyper kid and soaring blood sugars, but what if you could capture that refreshing flavour, minus the sugar crash? That’s where Tiny Tea’s lemonade flavour comes in – with the zesty taste of lemon peel and lemon myrtle, it’s a guaranteed hit for the little ones. Check it out here.

Fairy Floss: Are your kids obsessed with the Easter Show? If so, this is the tea for them – and you won’t have to worry about all that added sugar rolled into the traditional fairy floss fare. This tasty tea is infused with fragrant rose petals and maple flakes, this flavour will thrill kids of all ages. Check it out here.

Tropical: The heroes of this tea include the tangy flavours of orange, blood orange and tropical pineapple. The kids – and you – will be transported to a relaxing island while enjoying this tea – minus the airport chaos and pricey flights! Check it out here.

Grape bubblegum: This added sugar-free tea united the nostalgic taste of bubblegum with the fruity notes of grape and blueberry – the perfect combination to satisfy even the most stubborn of cravings. Check it out here.

Tiny Tea’s mission

Tegan had a dream to make a drink that is both delicious and beneficial to growing kids, without all those added nasties. Considering that some of the more popular beverages on the market can dose your kids up with the sweet stuff, whether it be flavoured milk drinks, juice or even some flavoured probiotic drinks, it was near impossible to find a healthy, safe and still tasty option for the little ones. This is why Tegan decided to take action – just look at the startling difference in sugar content between a Tiny Tea Kids serve and a serve of juice:

So, she joined forces with leading nutritionists to craft the perfect tea blends that can satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths. And for the cherry on top? None of those excess sugars you’ll find in abundance in the so-called “health food” section. This stuff is made of whole, real ingredients which are bursting with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to build your kids’ immune systems and gut health up – which is especially vital when they’re developing. It’s the first step to set them up for a healthy future with lower risks for inflammation, infection and disease. It all starts with what we put in our mouths!

But it’s not just about the nutritional benefits – tea drinking is a calming, meditative experience – and there’s no reason kids should miss out on all the benefits! Get their creative juices flowing with a sip of these brain and energy-boosting drinks, as our friends at Tiny Tea Kids say, “Every adventure starts with a cup of tea.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Tiny Tea Kids is founded on the following principles:

  • Sharing mindfulness and wellbeing guidance with the rising generations
  • Providing densely nutritious drinks sourced from high-quality ingredients
  • Delivering a sensational taste experience to please kids and adults alike

So, if you’re keen to give your kids a nutritional boost – and one that they’ll actually enjoy – Tiny Teas Kids is the collection of teas that will change your family’s lives. Healthy and delicious is not an oxymoron – especially when it comes to these tea aficionados. Head to their website HERE to check out their full range and get yourself a pack or two of their innovative teas.

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