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The 4 ALL NEW, Fun and Fresh Tiny Tea Flavours Your Kids Will Love

Our tea guru partners, Tiny Tea Kids, are releasing a brand-new range of innovative and nostalgic flavours that capture the joy of childhood – and the best part? With no added sugar, they’re as good for your little ones’ health as they are for their taste buds! Here’s why you’ll want to get your shopping list out.

Tiny Tea Kids are all about providing a wholesome alternative to the typical sugar-laden drinks we see lining the supermarket shelves – some of the more common lunchbox staples like flavoured milk and juice sound good in theory, but the reality is a sugar overdose, energy slumps and brain fog. That’s where Tiny Tea comes in – they provide drinks for kids with REAL, nutritious ingredients that boost your little ones’ health, not diminish it. Their mission is to provide a 100% natural tea for children to ensure the up-and-coming generation get their best start in life. Their new range is fun and exciting; made from quality ingredients, free from added nasties and full of flavour.

What’s new about this range, you ask? Well, Tiny Tea has adapted their formula to create an exciting effect – the longer you brew your tea, the sweeter is tastes. Yum!

Oh, and did we mention these tasty teas have no added sugar? Here are the 4 new flavours you’ve got to look forward to.

Fiona’s Fruity Fairy Floss

Do your kids love fairy floss? This nostalgic flavour is a favourite among the little ones – the only problem is the sugar crash that follows! Tiny Tea Kids have a solution – their Fruity Fairy Floss tea captures that delicious taste without all the added nasties that usually accompany the sticky treat. Instead, what you’ve got is an aromatic, flavoursome tea that is rich in vitamins and loaded with immune-boosting ingredients. Win, win! Not only is this tea sugar-free, but it’s also free from artificial ingredients and caffeine, making it an ideal option for the kids. Infused with fragrant rose petals and maple flakes, it’s the natural ingredients in this tea that kick the flavour into high gear. 

Check this fun flavour out HERE.

Tommy’s Tutti Fruiti

Fruity drinks are delicious and a firm-favourite among kids, but the varieties available on the shelves are often filled to the brim with sugar. Tiny Tea Kids have crafted the perfect alternative – their tea packs a refreshing burst of pineapple, orange and blood orange to give your little ones that fruity hit. As with all of Tiny Tea’s products, this tea is rich in vitamins and free from added nasties! This tasty powerhouse of a tea is perfect for those summer days – simply add ice and you’ve got a cooling, wholesome drink.

Check this delicious flavour out HERE.

Andi’s Awesome Apple Pie

Who doesn’t love a bit of apple pie? What you might not love is the sugar dose and the energy crash – especially when it means your little ones can’t get to sleep! Andi’s Awesome Apple Pie Sleepy Time Tea is the perfect antidote to sugary drinks and foods, while still satisfying even the sweetest of sweet tooths. Tiny Tea has united the dynamic duo of apple and vanilla to create a delicious drink that the kids will love, but the best part is that it won’t keep them up at night! It will sooth their nerves, ward of sugar cravings and get them ready for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Check this tasty flavour out HERE.

Lia’s Lovely Lemonade

We all love a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day, but the blood-sugar spike isn’t quite so appealing. To capture the zing and zest of lemonade, Tiny Tea bring you Lia’s Lovely Lemonade – and yes, it is lovely! Infused with lemon peel and fragrant lemon myrtle, these guys have found the secret to creating that fresh, citrus flavour without all the added nasties! And there’s not even a hint of anything artificial to be found here – it’s all natural. 

Check this refreshing flavour out HERE.

So, how do you make these teas? Follow these 3 simple steps and you’ve got a delicious, guilt-free drink for the kids – and yourself!

  1. Add a tea bag to a cup and cover with 150ml of 90°C water.
  2. Brew for 1-2 mins – remember, the longer you brew it the sweeter it becomes! 

Note: For a cold or iced tea, brew a with a small amount of hot water then top your cup up with cold water and ice.

Sounds good, right? If you're excited to try these fun and healthy teas, use the code IQSxTinytea to GET 25% OFF your order! Head on over to Tiny Tea Kids to check out their entire range of products.



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