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Why This Month’s British Vogue Cover Has Made Me Comfortable With Ageing

This month, British Vogue has featured an iconic photoshoot of 82-year old Miriam Margolyes that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The legendary actress and comedian posed completely nude for the magazine in a bold display of self-love and acceptance. This shoot highlights the importance of representation for individuals, who are often overlooked or not given enough appreciation in society. It also serves as a reminder that no matter what our age may be, we should all feel empowered to express ourselves freely and without judgement. 

In recent years, conversations among my friends have turned into topics about ageing, and especially faces. Worried about wrinkles and investigated how to prevent it. I have always had a challenging relationship with my body, forever hiding it under oversized baggy clothes, along with the rollercoaster of severe acne - but now as the conversations have shifted in my social circles, I feel pressure to look a certain way even more.

I am continuously searching for foods and natural concoctions to help combat acne, boost my collagen levels, and bring back volume in my hair. The stress of holding onto my youth is a concern that I don’t want on my plate. As women, we carry the emotional load for many of our loved ones. On top of this we are balancing building a career, caring for our family, nourishing friendships, worrying about fertility, maintaining our health and fitness, plus all the mundane jobs like washing, cooking and cleaning. So personally, I don’t have the time to worry about my changing face too.

Miriam has proven that age is just a number and beauty needs no masking.This photoshoot has made me feel comfortable with all the imperfections on my body. I no longer want to hide away, but celebrate it. With this iconic spread as well as Martha Stewart’s Sport Illustrated Cover, it is my hope that we see more women at different ages front and centre in influential media.

The time has come to change how we speak about ageing and women’s bodies. I no longer want to hear about Gwyneth’s detox routine, but rather have women sharing their true experience of menstrual cycles, menopause, and what happens to your body during and after pregnancy. These are the conversations that will empower me to love my body.

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