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3 Tricks to Sticking to Your New Year’s Health Resolution

New Year’s is seen as the time for reinventing yourself with new ambitions and goals, most of which fade before the first week of January’s through – but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’ve got goals to transform your health this year, these are your 3 tips to making it happen.

Research shows – yep, there’s even research on New Year’s resolutions – that health-related intentions are the most common resolutions to make on the first of January, with getting more exercise, eating better and shedding weight sitting at the top of the list. Upping physical exercise is reportedly the goal of 48%, while another study shows that 70% of New Year’s resolutions centre around health. While these are all respectable goals, only 9% of people stick to their resolutions – as for what happens to the rest of us? 23% throw in the towel before the first week’s through, 64% give up after a month and, interestingly, research from exercise app Strava shows that the second Friday of the month is the most common time to admit defeat. But there are a few things you can do to give yourself a greater chance of seeing your resolutions through – here are our best tips to get your health journey on track.

Start small

By starting with a small resolution, you may find you gain the momentum and motivation to keep going, finding yourself soaring past your goals. If you set a big goal, it could cause undue stress and increase the chances of procrastination – it’s better to get something done, no matter how small, than nothing at all. Ensure that your resolution is within the realm of possibilities as well, for instance, if you know you won’t be travelling anytime soon, then making a resolution to go hiking overseas might be a longshot. Here are a few ideas for simple goals you can set:

  • Going for a walk outside everyday
  • Adding an additional serve of veggies to your day
  • Reducing your sugar intake
  • Joining a sports club
  • Volunteering outdoors, for instance, walking dogs or local bush care will get your blood pumping and you’ll get a bonus hit of endorphins too!

Plan ahead

You don’t have to concoct up an impromptu resolution on the day, instead consider putting aside some time to make a plan ahead of time. You can set out a timeline of the steps you’ll be taking to reach your goal. It can help to keep a journal of your progress and note down the times you struggle to uphold your resolution and why – this way you might start to notice a pattern and can address the obstacles in your path.

Grab a partner

If you have a friend or colleague who’s also looking to make some New Year’s resolutions, it can help to buddy up and support each other. It also adds an element of accountability, which is one of the biggest drivers of success – if you’re the only one aware of your goals, it’s easier to give up knowing you won’t lose face. But with others checking in on you, you’re more likely to commit. Accountability is all about taking on the responsibility for yourself and establishing your commitment to the cause – in this case, your New Year’s resolution.

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January 01, 2024

Wanting to lower my sugar intake for good and make it a lifestyle not diet.

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