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6 Gifts For Your Teachers That Aren’t Chocolates or Mugs

If you have any friends or family members who are teachers, you’re likely aware of the unearthly stash of mugs and chocolates they accumulate around the holiday season – and while everyone loves a trusty mug for their desk, there are only so many one person can handle! If you’re looking for a thoughtful, affordable and simple gift for your teachers or your kids’ teachers this year, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 fun ideas, and no, you won’t find Chrissy chocolates on this list!

Teachers go through a lot – from late night marking to camping out on school excursions, it’s not a job for the faint of heart. The patience, compassion and dedication to education doesn’t go unnoticed among students – hence the array of chocolates come Christmas time! But there are other ways to show your gratitude that won’t cost and arm or a leg – and you might even enjoy the gifting process more when you think outside the box. It also helps to get your kid involved in making or choosing the gift, especially since they’ll have a better idea of their teacher’s interests. 

Mini succulent pot

A mini cactus is the perfect gift for your teacher – they can use it to brighten up their desk or even as a paper weight, plus you won’t have to worry about wastage, contributing to landfill or a short life cycle as these plants are hardy and thrive with limited assistance. Here are a few other cute succulent plants to look for at the store: 

  • Flower dust plant
  • Living jade 
  • Sedum
  • Lithops
  • Panda plant

Tea or coffee

Here’s a gift a lot of teachers will appreciate, while chocolates are the usual edible gift of choice, coffee is the one most likely to be consumed – and fast. During the busy days of teaching, marking and admin, many a teacher puts their caffeine limits to the test. But for the teachers who enjoy a more relaxed nervous system, a nice box of herbal tea may be an ideal gift. From camomile or lavender to early grey or English breakfast, you really can’t go wrong. You know your teacher best, so go for the one you know they’ll get the most use out of. Sometimes a practical gift is the way to go! 


Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Even teachers enjoy a bright, sweetly-scented bouquet of flowers to brighten up their desk. Go for a pot of flowers if you’re looking for a more sustainable option – it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving.  

Tote bag

If your teacher loves a good farmer’s market or enjoys sustainable living, why not gift them a reusable tote bag? They’ll be able to reuse their bag over and over, from the classroom to the supermarket, they can take it everywhere – no more last-minute searching for a bag to take to the shops!

That's why we made our Market Tote Bag – with a vibrant, fun design and sustainable materials, this gift will see them through countless market visits. Buy it HERE.

Reusable bottle

Here’s a twist on your typical mug gift – an insulated, reusable bottle is a great alternative to the teacher gifting staple, and it’s not just a gift for your teacher, but for the planet too.

And we've got just the thing; our Infuser Insulated Bottle. Their new office and café companion will them the peace of mind of knowing they’re helping reduce the 8 trillion tonnes of plastic polluting our oceans each year, along with the 100, 000 deaths of marine life. Instead of buying plastic bottles of water or having to run back to the office to get some water, they can stay hydrated throughout the day. Plus, it’s insulated so it can handle hot drinks like tea and coffee on the go. Buy it HERE

Paint or draw your gift

You don’t have to fork out cash to show gratitude to your teacher, sometimes a thoughtful, handmade gift means more than store-bought fare – after all, it’s true what they say – it’s the thought that counts! If you know your history teacher’s an ancient Egypt buff or your art teacher loves the works of Arthur Miller, you can create an inspired piece of art that’s personalised to their interests. It’ll be a fun project for you and a much-appreciated gift for the teacher. 

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I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar

March 11, 2024

Hey Abbie, we’re so happy to hear that! Hope it gave you some good inspiration – xx The IQS Team

abbie whyte

abbie whyte

March 11, 2024

Hey my teacher loved this website! it was so helpful for gift ideas.
next time maybe have i bit more ideas.

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