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Ditch the Supermarket Queues! Get Restaurant Quality Sustainable Meat Delivered to Your Door for Only $37 a Week!

ButcherCrowd are revolutionising the meat and seafood game with their value-for-money boxes that come in sizes to suit all – whether you’re sailing solo or have a big family to feed, founders Rob and Damien Moffatt have you covered. They’re serving up affordable, high-quality produce, so don’t wait to slash your weekly budget and get your hands on your very own. 

In the landscapes of Far North Queensland, brothers Rob and Damien grew up surrounded by the bounty of farm-fresh produce. Their childhood instilled in them a deep appreciation for quality and ethically sourced ingredients, which would later inspire the birth of their venture, ButcherCrowd. This unique subscription service redefines the way we access premium meats and seafood, all while maintaining affordability and sustainability as its core principles. They’re a breath of fresh air amid the expensive, unethical options that typically overwhelm your local supermarket – and it’s one of the reasons Rob and Damien decided to start the company, having noticed the lack of quality produce available.

Ethical Sourcing 

At ButcherCrowd, quality reigns supreme. Their commitment to ethical sourcing ensures that each item in your box meets the same high standards you'd find at a specialised butcher or fishmonger. Wild-caught salmon hails from the pristine waters of Canada, while every other offering is carefully selected from ethical suppliers across Australia. Their strict criteria include 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb, pasture-raised poultry, and products free from antibiotics and hormones. Furthermore, ButcherCrowd insists on sourcing from sustainable zones to protect our oceans and preserve their bountiful ecosystems. They support farmers who employ techniques such as rotational grazing, cover cropping, and regenerative soil practices to promote soil health and biodiversity. By minimising the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, ButcherCrowd is dedicated to preserving the environment while providing top-quality products.

Their high-quality beef is sourced from Aussie cattle that are raised on open pastures, with fresh air and a nourishing diet. They graze on nutrient-rich grasses to boost their own health, along with that of the soil quality, which also sequesters carbon, helping to reduce greenhouse gases and contributing to a more sustainable future.

And what about their seafood? Well, ButcherCrowd has emerged as an affordable and sustainable option, sourcing wild-caught salmon from their natural habitats, ensuring their suppliers adhere to responsible fishing practices and strict standards of quality.

Their tiger prawns are also wild caught, free from containment and stressful environments. They’re free from antibiotics, hormones and other artificial additives that are sometimes used in farmed prawn production. Ready to get your own box? Let’s take a look at how it works.

Crafting Your Own Box 

ButcherCrowd makes it easy to customise your culinary experience – you can choose between small and large box options, and you'll have access to a diverse selection of ethically sourced products, allowing you to build a box that perfectly suits your tastes. You can explore porterhouse, brisket, scotch fillet, salmon, tiger prawns, various cuts of chicken, nitrate-free bacon and succulent pork chops among others. Take a look at some of your options:

  • Small boxes are ideal for feeding two to three people a month.
  • Large boxes are ideal for four to five people a month.
  • These boxes are available as one-time purchases starting from $179, or you can opt for a subscription at just $159 per month, which translates to a budget-friendly $37 per week.
  • For those who prefer a more straightforward approach, curated boxes are available, designed to simplify the decision-making process entirely.

With the average Aussie household of 3 spending a whopping $57 every week on meat alone, ButcherCrowd can take that number down to $37, slashing 30% off your weekly shop. 

As we’ve seen, ButcherCrowd provides an array of options to cater to various tastes – their value box, for example, offers essential staples for monthly cooking, such as beef mince, diced steak, sausages, rump steaks, chicken thighs, and drumsticks. Their salmon box is especially popular as in Australia, salmon is typically farmed, but ButcherCrowd offers a unique experience with 100% wild Canadian sockeye salmon, a rarity to find Down Under. 

With ButcherCrowd, you're not just subscribing to a service; you're embarking on a culinary adventure that values sustainability, quality, and your individual preferences. Build your own box of ethical meats and seafood, and savour the taste of ethically sourced ingredients that nourish both your body and the planet. ButcherCrowd is the solution for those who seek affordability without compromising on ethical and sustainable choices.


Interested?  If you’re keen to learn more and enjoy more nutritious, wholesome meals, head on over to ButcherCrowd’s website for all your sustainable, ethical meat and seafood needs – they’ve got a plan for everyone, whether you’re living alone or you’ve got a big family.

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