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How to Quit Added Sugar: Clearing Sugar Out of Your Pantry

Let's talk about saying goodbye to sugary foods in your pantry when you're ready to quit sugar for good. It can be hard learning how to quit added sugar when you’ve got those temptations lining your kitchen – that’s why we’ve got a few ways to make the process a smooth one.

So, you’ve decided to give up added sugar. You're committed, motivated, and ready to make some big changes – but there's just one problem. Your pantry is full of sugary foods that you can't bear to part with – for one, they might have been costly and in this state of inflation, who’s throwing food away? And two, you might want them around in case you can’t handle the stress without them. But don’t worry – we’ve got a few ways you can get rid of these temptations without contributing to wastefulness and without leaving yourself unarmed when dealing with tough emotions.

Form a plan

Before you start tossing everything out, make a plan for what you're going to replace them with, what it will cost and what you’ll do with them. You might want to donate them to a food bank, give them away to friends or family members or take them to work.

Take it one shelf at a time

Don't try to tackle your entire pantry in one go, or you might find yourself overwhelmed and vulnerable to cravings. For some people, even the sight of chocolate might be enough to send them hurtling off the wagon. Start with one shelf, or even just half of a shelf, and work your way through. This makes the process that little bit more manageable.

Read the nutrition labels carefully

When you're sorting through your pantry, have a look at all your labels to be sure you’re not leaving any sugary foods behind. sure to read labels carefully. Some foods might not seem like they contain much sugar, but if you look closer, you might be in for a surprise – cereal, bread and chips can all be harbouring added sugars.

Give your food away – don’t toss it

You don’t have to throw everything away, simply give it to friends and family. If you have boxes of chocolates, these make for great gifts for birthdays and end-of-year celebrations.

Replace sugary treats with healthier options

As you're getting rid of sugary treats, consider replacing them with healthier options. Stock up on whole foods like legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds – you can even make your own snacks by roasting chickpeas or kale with spices.

Get new comfort foods

If it’s the emotional link that’s tying you to sugar, you may want to get creative in the kitchen and whip up some simple, delicious comfort foods that will do the trick. Over the long term, therapy may be an ideal tool to manage those feelings, but for when those intense cravings come up, you’ll want to have something to lean on instead of health-destroying sugary foods. Try our peanut butter cups if Reese’s chocolates are your Achille’s heel, or if you’re a brownie enthusiast, we’ve got something for that too. You won’t believe these are loaded with healthy fats, protein and fibre!

Don't beat yourself up

It’s okay to fall off the wagon every now and then – quitting sugar is hard, and it's normal to have cravings for your old favourites. If you slip up, acknowledge it and move on.

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