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The wide range of sugar alternatives can be confusing - so we've unpacked a bunch of them for you. Plus, find out how we've ranked each sweetener and fun ways to use them.
Sure, while stain remover technology has advanced and you’ll likely get that chocolate stain off your shirt, there’s a different kind of mark flavoured milk leaves behind. We’ll be diving into the hidden dangers of Australia’s favourite “healthier” drink – do note those inverted commas!

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We won’t make you scroll through page after page to find the answer – clickbait isn’t our thing. The secret? Embracing the art and skill of cooking. Here’s how you can make eating whole, REAL food exciting and easy. 

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So, you know the science behind the 8-Week Program, but what about the faces? We’ve spoken to our members to find out how they feel about the program – and the verdict is in. From weight loss to pain relief, our community have revealed their wins.

Dreading the annual sugar crash that comes with Easter? Fear not – we’ve got 3 foolproof tips and tricks for a weekend to remember, minus the sugar of course! Plus, we’ll be sharing a FREE Easter recipe the whole family will love – hot cross buns! What Easter would be complete without these? Read on for your guide to a healthy, exciting celebration.

Wondering how you can balance your blood sugars with the festivities this easter? That’s what we’re here for – from a delicious roast lunch to your classic hot cross buns, we’ve got you covered with 10 FREE recipes, including our hot cross buns done 3 ways!  

You spoke, we listened. Now we've got some exciting news to share with you all. Drumroll, please! We're dropping our brand new IQS 8-Week Program app set to streamline your entire health journey. From one-on-one support to our library of 2500 recipes, there's a world of content awaiting you. 

The foods we eat dictate everything from our energy levels to our sleep cycles. You could be disadvantaging yourself if sugary cereals and highly processed foods are your meals of choice – here are the whole foods to put on your plate instead.

The protein industry has a dirty secret – they sell fast, they taste good and they keep people coming back for more. But are protein shakes the healthy go-to for gains or merely your future energy slump in a bottle? Let's sift through the pitfalls and blend up the truth the most popular brands would rather you didn't know.

I Quit Sugar Slow Cooker Recipes

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