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With World Digestive Health Day upon us, it’s time to shine a light on one of the most important aspects of our health – there’s a reason they call the gut the second brain! Here are 6 of our best tips for improve digestion, from reducing your sugar intake to chowing down on nutrient-dense foods. 

Fruit squeeze pouches, juice and apple sauce are just a few of the foods you’ll see lining the baby food section of your local supermarket. Translation? Sugar, sugar and more sugar. With the growing body of evidence of the health costs of the sweet stuff, these calls for an update to our food standards are well overdue. But better late than never, right? Here’s what health experts are saying, plus one pertinent action that could save your baby’s health. 

We’ve all heard a lot of discussion around the possibility of junk food advertising being next on the chopping block for the Albanese government, but with some of the biggest industry players in the country to tackle, we’re not so sure the walk will follow the talk.

You’ve likely heard that gambling advertising is one of the first targets for the Albanese government, but one minister says junk food ads may be next on the list. Here’s why and what it means for your health.

Wondering what’s brewing in the IQS kitchen? We’ve got a host of new and exciting recipes for you to enjoy in our latest 8-Week Program. Here’s your first look into what’s on offer and why you won’t want to miss our best season yet!

Sugar cravings are anything but sweet, and for many of us they’re the leading reason we fall off the wagon. If you’ve been trying to stick to a whole, REAL foods but find your sweet tooth getting in the way, we’ve got just the solution. Here are 5 foods that will bust those cravings and keep you on track. 

High levels of “bad” cholesterol are one of the biggest drivers of heart disease – we’ll be diving into the different kinds of cholesterol, how they affect your health and the 5 worst offenders for heart health.

Atherosclerosis has been steadily hiking up its numbers – but why? Researchers believe our love affair with added sugar and ultra-processed foods could be to blame. We’ll be diving into what the condition actually is and the major causes behind it. 

So, you relapsed and had a sugar-filled binge – don’t beat yourself up, it happens to the best of us. We’re here to show you 5 ways to manage a relapse on your quitting sugar journey.

Chronic headaches and migraines have long stumped researchers, and while the jury is still out on this one, new research suggests our blood-sugar levels may have a lot to answer for on this front. Here’s what we know.

We’ve covered some of the foods known to boost collagen levels, but there are a number of foods and activities that can wreak havoc on our skin health. From sugar to smoking, here are 5 you should know about. 

You’ve probably heard all about the benefits of ditching the sweet white stuff, from reducing the risks for obesity and heart disease to improved mood and skin health, but you might not know the powerful protections it can bring to women. Here’s how.

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