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How to Quit Sugar With Your Family

Quitting sugar alone can be intimidating, but bringing your family along for the ride can make the process easier and more fun. Whether you’re completely ditching the sweet stuff or just reducing your intake, there are a number of impressive benefits you and your family stand to gain. Here’s how to make it happen.

Improved energy levels, higher quality sleep, and a reduced risk of chronic diseases like liver disease and heart disease are just a few of the reasons it’s worth cutting down on your sugar intake. Kids are more susceptible to the effects of sugar, and that’s why it’s worth making a change for the whole family – not to mention the enjoyment of cooking and eating together! Cooking food with less – or no – sugar is an easy way to promote healthy eating and set the kids up with lifelong skills. Quitting doesn't mean sacrificing taste or flavour, after all, there are many ways to create delicious, nutritious meals that will wow the whole family and keep their blood sugars in check. Here are 6 ways to get the family off sugar.   

  1. Educate the family on the effects of sugar

There’s no need to keep the kids in the dark, let them know how sugar affects the body and mind. You don’t have to scare them, but simply share a few details on how it can spike blood sugars and cause fatigue and in the long-term, it can promote the development of a number of diseases. Many are unaware of the negative effects of sugar on their health, so encouraging moderation is a great way to build the motivation to reduce sugar intake.

  1. Lead by example

Model healthy eating habits to your family by stocking the house with nutritious foods, and avoid leaving sugary snacks and drinks in the pantry. Kids are keen to follow their parents’ example, so that’s why it’s essential to show them how fun and easy it can be to ditch sugar. Show them how enjoyable sugar-free snacks and wholesome foods are!

  1. Involve the family in meal planning and cooking

Don’t hesitate to let the kids help out with the planning and cooking, as this will get them motivated to stick to their goals. They’re also more likely to eat nutritious foods that they’ve had a hand in making! You might also encourage them to plant some herbs in the garden so they can enjoy fresh aromatic ingredients straight from the home! This is an opportunity to try healthy alternatives to sugary foods, so get the kids to make a list of healthy recipes they’d like to try and work as a family to prepare these meals.

  1. Find healthy snack alternatives

One of the first things people miss when quitting sugar is the snacks. That’s why finding healthier alternatives can help the whole family quit sugar with fewer cravings. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, nut butters and dips are all tasty snacks that will leave the family feeling satiated throughout the day. Roast chickpeas and sweet potato are also delicious lunchbox snacks for the kids.

  1. Make it fun

Quitting sugar doesn't have to be boring or filled with boiled spinach – there are a number of ways to make the process enjoyable. This includes cooking creative and tasty meals, trying out new foods, getting involved in family sporting activities like backyard cricket or neighbourhood walks. Celebrate milestones like your first week without sugar by treating the family to a fun activity – one that doesn’t involve sugar! Think movies, stargazing and camping. 

  1. Join the 8-Week Program

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